How to pack for a Vatican trip: What is the dress code?

It’s likely that a visit to the Vatican will be on your itinerary if you are visiting the Italian capital.

It should be, and why not? The building acts as a modern gateway to centuries of amazing history. is an example of breathtaking architecture. It also hosts a collection that will take your breath away.

However, in order to fully enjoy this renowned space, you must adhere to certain rules.

What to wear to the Vatican when you are in Rome

Think Rome, think Vatican. Think dress code.

The Vatican asks visitors to follow its rules like any religious website anywhere in the world. This includes a dress code.

“All visitors properly dressed are allowed to enter the Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Vatican Gardens,” says the Vatican’s official statement.

It is recommended that you carefully consider these points before you visit the Vatican. Also, you should decide whether you are willing to comply with the conditions and take the appropriate actions.

Word to the wise. By choosing to ignore it run the chance of being turned down

Summer dresses can be worn, provided they cover your knees.

What does it actually mean to be ‘appropriately dressed?

“Appropriately dressed visitors” is a reference made by the Vatican. But what exactly does it mean?

It is important to understand the meaning of the term in order to avoid embarrassment and disappointment. Let’s now take a closer look at the sartorial dos and don’ts for visiting the Vatican.

According to the Vatican, shorts or miniskirts, sleeveless, low-cut, or sleeveless clothes, as well as hats, are not permitted. However, some of these rules can be interpreted in different ways depending on your perspective. It’s worth taking a closer look at the rules!

Let’s take it one step at a while.

A shirt dress, plimsolls and crossbody bag will get you anywhere in Rome in style – and comfort!

Four frequently asked questions about Vatican’s dress code

1. Can I wear a turtleneck, tank top or t-shirt?

When visiting the Vatican, tank tops and vest tops are out.

What are your options for the warmer months of Rome?

Summer is the best time to wear shirts, T-shirts and sleeved blouses.

Winter presents fewer challenges because you are more likely to cover up. However, it is important to make sure your outfit selection remains appropriate, regardless of season.

Keep it simple, be calm, and don’t take it too seriously.

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A long shirt over jeans is always a good look. Full fringed leather jacket, optional.

2. Are shorts, skirts and slacks allowed in the Vatican?

Few people would wear restricted clothing when visiting Rome in the summer. It’s not surprising then that many would balk at the idea of being denied entry to the Vatican if they wore shorts or a skirt.

Before you panic and cancel your trip, remember that there are many ways to keep cool, be appropriate, and maintain everyone’s positive side.

If you are concerned about what you might forget when you look at your bag, you should consider lightweight trousers. These lightweight trousers can be worn by both men and women.

Jeans are acceptable, but it is possible to wear them in the heat.

Mini skirts are not allowed in. Instead, choose a longer style and keep cool with linen or cotton fabrics.

If all else fails, and your luggage is not a problem, you can find a skirt or pair for as low as Ottaviano Street just around the corner of the Vatican.

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3. What shoes should you wear to visit the Vatican?

Although the Vatican website does not mention footwear, it doesn’t mean that you have no rights when it comes down to everything below the ankle.

As with all aspects of your wardrobe, you should be cautious when choosing shoes that won’t attract unwanted attention.

Keep your feet flat and comfortable. Avoid loud and garish footwear.

Pro-tip: For summer, both men and women should choose flats or sandals over flip-flops.

A colourful light shirt and slacks is an ideal outfit for the Vatican.

4. Can I wear a hat?

Summer is when many people wear sun hats and baseball caps to block the sun. Winter is when we choose woollen hats and ears muffs to keep the cold out.

Before you are allowed to enter the Vatican, you must remove all types of hat . As disrespectful as displaying too much skin, indoor wearing of a hat is also considered bad manners.

We’re still on the topic of accessories. It’s worth thinking about other things we carry when we travel, which could pose a problem for us visiting the Vatican.

The official website states that visitors must leave all their luggage, suitcases, and rucksacks in the cloakroom.

Most umbrellas, sticks (apart form those used for walking), tripods, stands for photography and video cameras must be left in your cloakroom.

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Top tip

Before you visit the Vatican, it’s worth having a long-sleeved scarf or cover-all in your bag.

It will come in handy if you feel you need extra coverage. But it will also be welcome if your feeling the chill in large buildings such as the Vatican!

The easiest way to navigate Vatican’s dress code!

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