Italy Travel News: August 6-24

Here is a summary of the most recent Italy travel news from August 6 to August 24.

  • An Ancient Monolith Was Discovered in The Mediterranean Sea

    “Archaeologists have found a limestone monolith that is 40 feet long (8 meters) and was submerged in the Sicilian Channel, between Tunisia & Sicily. It was carved by Stone Age people around 10,000 years ago.

    !!!! !

  • Tuscany’s historical Palio horse race to be protested

    “Siena’s Palio horse race will be the subject of organised protests this weekend. Animal rights activists claim that the event is cruel, and often leads to the death of horses.”

    Although I enjoy historic events such as Siena’s Palio and the like, I cannot bring myself to see it live. I fear too much for the horses. If there are any changes that would make this race safer for horses and riders, then I’m all for them! It’s time to look into that.

  • The Secret of Murano Glass

    This article is extremely informative and helpful. It explains how to buy genuine Murano glass while you are in Venice.
  • Calabrian village “bans dying”

    The mayor of a Calabrian village issued an edict prohibiting dying in an attempt to encourage his elderly population to visit the doctor. Adorable.
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