Italy’s Top Attractions to Visit on Your Second Trip

It is a place we all love to return to for new experiences. You’ve already visited San Gimignano and other top Italian towns. Are you looking for more? You’ll find some hidden gems in the area. You love the Cinque Terre but would like to visit another place? There’s an alternative. Are you looking for day trips to Venice that are worth the effort? A day trip to Venice will take you to an amazing city. There are even some beaches that you might not have heard of, which could be your new favorite spot in Italy. For your second or third trip to Italy, check out our list of top attractions.

Colle Val D’Elsa is a small-town Tuscan charmed town like San Gimignano.

One of the most beautiful attractions in Italy is the Tuscan hill towns. We love San Gimignano’s small-town charm and beauty. It is one of the best Tuscany towns! You should also visit Colle Val d’Elsa on the hill nearby. This ancient city was founded in the fourth millennium BC. It still retains the peace and tranquility that is typical of the hills of Tuscany. This tiny town lies between Florence and Siena. The best way to get there is by car. You can go wherever you like.

Paestum is a great option if you enjoy the archaeology at Pompeii.

It is one of Italy’s most popular attractions and Pompeii remains the queen. Start there if you haven’t yet. Then, come back to this article. The next stop should be Paestum, which is located near Pompeii and contains some of the most well-preserved Greek remains in Italy. Paestum, located just an hour from Salerno was established by the Greeks around 600 B.C. Although they were conquered later by the Romans in 600 B.C., they simply repurposed beautiful architecture for their Gods (who also had been cribbed from the Greeks). Paestum is home to some of the most important Greek ruins in Italy. There are only a few examples in Sicily. You can read more about Paestum’s archeology site including how to get there and what to do. We have a list of the best ancient Greek ruins on Italy’s Mainland.

You might enjoy hiking along the Amalfi coast if you love to visit the Amalfi towns.

Walking the Amalfi Coast is a great way to learn more about it. Walking the Path of Gods is one of our favorite things to do besides visiting Positano. Although it can get crowded during the high season, the stunning views from the Path of Gods are well worth the effort. Hikers can cut down the hike by only hiking a portion of the trail, which runs approximately 25 miles from Amalfi to Sorrento. Local buses make it easy to get to and from any section. Our guide to the towns on the Amalfi Coast provides detailed information about where to stay.

Take a day trip to Verona if you are in Venice

Verona, the second most well-known city in the Veneto Region after Venice, is an incredible Italian attraction. This city in Northern Italy has all the romance and charm of Florence and Rome, but with a smaller crowd and an off-the-radar feel. It’s a short day trip from Venice, so you can visit this Italian attraction during a longer stay at the Lagoon. You can visit the Lagoon in winter to enjoy the Christmas spirit, or you can take a bike rental and explore the city in the spring. In the summer, you can also enjoy the opera season at the famous 12th-century Roman arena. This stunning structure looks almost identical to the Colosseum and is one of the most unusual concert venues in the country.

Try the Golfo Paradiso if you love Cinque Terre.

The Golfo Paradiso, also located in Liguria is part of the Italian Riviera. It’s a great alternative to the Cinque Terre. The Golfo Paradiso, which is similar to Cinque Terre, consists of five towns along the coast: Bogliasco (pieve Ligure), Sori, Recco and Camogli. Find out which town is right for you in this article about the Golfo Paradiso. But you don’t need to pick one. You can rent a car, or a Vespa to travel from one town to the next on the SS1 highway. This drive is one of the most beautiful in Italy. The Golfo Paradiso, located just 7 miles from Genoa and offering the same stunning views and easy life style as the Cinque Terre, is also easy to reach.

Puglia is a great place to visit if you love the beaches of Sicily

Although Sicily is known for its world-class beaches and delicious food, it also has a great culture. However, if you prefer to stay on the mainland, Puglia can rival Sicily in terms of accessibility. Puglia, located in the heel of “boot”, is one of the most loved vacation areas in Italy due to its rich history and deep culture. It also has great food and many beaches. The Baia dei Turchi is a must-see for beach lovers. It’s located in a protected natural reserve and is one of the best beaches in Italy. Marina di Pescoluse, located on the tip of Salento Peninsula, is another favorite. This stretch of sand runs for 5 miles along the shoreline, which is why it is called the “Maldives”. You won’t find much infrastructure for tourists from abroad or anyone who speaks perfect English. While Puglia is becoming more well-known among tourists from Italy, it is still not on the main tourist route.

Granita is a great alternative to gelato if you don’t like gelato.

Italian Gelato has been voted one of the most delicious summer treats in the country. But, there’s another summer treat that Italians love: granita. Granita is what Americans refer to as Italian ice. However, it has a more coarse texture. Granita is made from sugar, water, and fresh juices, or fruits. It’s a Sicilian invention, but it can be found all over Italy. Granita can be found in many cities, with different styles and consistency. However, it is light, refreshing, and sweet and one of the most popular attractions in Italy.

Are there lesser-known gems we haven’t seen? Do not keep them to yourselves, tell us in the comments!

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