Lucca, a hidden gem in Tuscany

You can experience Tuscany from a different perspective by heading north to Lucca 20 minutes. Lucca is known for its beautiful piazzas and ancient walls, as well as easy access to some of Tuscany’s most stunning beaches.
These are 6 reasons Lucca is the ideal place to spend a Tuscan vacation.

1. Romanesque Churches
Lucca has many beautiful white and grey marble romanesque churches, much in the same style as Pisa’s bell tower and duomo. Lucca’s San Martino Cathedral was built in the early 2000s. It is home to the volto sainto (holy visage), a crucifix that is believed to have magically created the face of the saint while the artist was asleep. San Michele in Foro or San Giovanni is two other examples of romanesque architecture that you can visit while in Lucca.

2. Enjoy Walking Through Centuries Of History
Lucca is not only charming but also rich in history. Its Roman walls protect centuries of art, architecture, and many older buildings. Music lovers travel to Lucca to see the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro. This is an ancient Roman amphitheater that was converted into a perfectly oval piazza. It also allows them to visit the historical birthplace of Giacomo Puccini.
3. Fewer Tourists, Lower Prices
Tourists often travel to Tuscany in search of it, but they are unaware of the treasures that can be found in Lucca. Lucca offers a more authentic experience because there are fewer tourists and traps. You’ll also avoid restaurants and hotels that are skilled at scamming tourists, so it’s more authentic.
4. Great base for Tuscan travel
Lucca, which is easily accessible by train and bus from all major Tuscan cities, is the ideal “home away from home” for travelers in the region. The idyllic setting is near Viareggio, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tuscany. There are also beautiful views from the surrounding countryside and opportunities to taste wine. Find out more about our tours in Florence & Pisa or the Tuscan country. These tours are perfect for day trips and half-day excursions.
5. Lucca offers some of the finest food in Tuscany
Cucina Lucchese is considered the best food in the area. It’s also cheaper than most restaurants in Pisa. These specialties will give you an authentic culinary experience.

6. A great place to get lost!
People who have visited Lucca agree that exploring the city is the best thing. This means exploring the city’s narrow streets and ancient walls, while also getting a sense of the beauty that is Tuscany. Lucca has a lot of hills so it is perfect for a long walk or bike ride.
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