Milan’s Last Dinner: Tickets, Time Limits, and Other Tips


Milan is incomplete without Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper. It is one of the most mysterious and renowned works of art in the world. It’s a rare experience to be able to admire this masterpiece, but it’s not something you can do at the last minute!

Our small-group tours lead by an experienced guide are the easiest and most informative way to see it. We are all for you if you’d rather go it alone. Here are four things to know before you plan your trip to Milan’s Last Supper.

The Last Supper is not in a museum but in a church…

Contrary to popular belief the Last Supper isn’t in a museum. It’s located in the Santa Maria delle Grazie convent and church. It is located in the dining room. Ludovico, Duke of Milan, commissioned the work. It was completed between 1495 and 1498.

It’s not difficult to achieve, however.

It is very easy to get to Santa Maria delle Grazie. You can take the red MM1 metro line to the Conciliazione station or the green MM2 towards Cadorna. There you will find directions to the “Cenacolo Vinciano.” Follow the Corso Magenta street until you reach Santa Maria delle Grazie.

You can also reach the Last Supper from the Stazione Centrale (Central Station), by taking the green line to five stops, or walking 20 minutes from the Duomo. To get an idea of how everything works, check out our . ).

The Last Supper is not a fresco, but a painting.

The large piece measuring 15 x 29 ft was painted directly on drywall by Da Vinci. This means that it is technically not a fresco, which would have been painted on wet plaster.

It’s rapidly deteriorating!

Da Vinci made a unique decision to lay pitch, gesso, and mastic on the wall. Then, he painted with tempera over it. This fresco-secco method meant that the painting began to decay within years.

Last Supper tickets must be purchased in advance

You can’t just walk in to the Last Supper. Tickets must be purchased. Tickets are available and by calling +39 0292 800360. It costs 6.50 euros plus a 1.50 euro fee.

Appointments can usually be made Tuesday through Sunday between 8:15am and 6:45pm. To ensure admission to one of the most significant works of art in history, we recommend booking your appointment as soon as possible. If you can’t find tickets on your preferred date or are unable to book last-minute, there might be an opportunity to organize a visit. To snag tickets for a group or individual reservation that has been cancelled, we recommend checking the website regularly or calling the hotline. Sometimes tickets are available the same day if you wait in line before your first appointment at 8:15AM. However, they are not often available.

…and you’ll only have 15 minutes to admire Da Vinci’s work.

You’ll only have 15 minutes to view the painting, regardless of how far ahead you book. This is a small amount when you consider that this painting is one of the most iconic Renaissance works. It has also been the subject of many conspiracy theories, films, and novels. ).

Book our private Last Supper Tour to make the most of your visit. This allows you to see the painting in person with an art historian. You must arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Late visitors will be denied entry. ).

Remember that you cannot bring large bags into the museum of church. You should wear appropriate clothing (shoulders, knees covered) during your visit. To preserve delicate paintings, photographs are strictly prohibited.

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