Pictures of the Best of the Italian Countryside

The Val d’Orcia, Tuscan countryside

It is a beautiful country, and not just the Tuscan countryside. The stunning countryside of Tuscany is a delight and we love to take guests on our amazing driving tours for wine, food, and history. Did you know that Italy has many other stunning landscapes than its cities? These are just a handful of our favorite landscapes!

Campo Imperatore in Abruzzo, Italy

There are many beautiful areas in the region of Abruzzo. The Campo Imperatore is one of our favorite areas. It is located beneath the Apennine Mountains’ highest peak and the southernmost European glacier. The plateau also houses one of the oldest ski resorts in Italy, as well as medieval hill towns. Here, shepherds bring their horses, sheep, and cattle to graze during the warmer months.

Calabria’s countryside

When they think Calabria or, many people think of the coast. But this area in the south of Italy is home to some stunning countryside. This region is home to vineyards and farms that grow grapes, oranges lemons, olives, olives, chestnut trees, and other fruits. It also has some of the most beautiful scenery in Italy.

Vineyard of the Caves des Onze Communes at Aymavilles Valle d’Aosta

From the south… all of the way to the north! The Valle d’Aosta is a small, semi-autonomous area that is famous for its Alps, great skiing, and the Matterhorn. It also has a mixed culture of Swiss, French, and Italian. But it also boasts some seriously stunning–and productive–countryside, all overlooked by Alpine peaks. Above is a favorite of ours: This vineyard

Countryside just outside of Ancona in Le Marche

The Le Marche region located in central Italy’s Adriatic is not all hills and forests. 13 types of D.O.C. are produced in the region. Wine (here’s to learn more about what that means), and many kinds of cheese including Pecorino, and ricotta. The countryside is complete with beautiful agriturismo, charming hilltop towns, and country roads.

The countryside of Puglia

When it comes to Puglia and the region at the “heel”, of the boot, of Italy, we’re not a wallflower. You can view more stunning pictures of Puglia. One of our favorite things about this region is the striking countryside. There are many farms sprinkled with masserie and truffles, and the olives are amazing. Everything is also sun-bleached!

The Umbrian countryside, outside Montefalco

Umbria is located right next to Tuscany. It deserves its own mention! There are the Tuscany rolling hills and medieval towns and amazing olive and wine vines. But, it has a wild landscape with fewer tourists. For example, this is the gorgeous countryside outside Montefalco which is a charming medieval town in Umbria. Here’s more information on why Umbria is better than Tuscany.

Ravello is a region of vineyards and rural life on the Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast is still terraced with citrus groves and vineyards… especially in the less-traveled areas like Ravello. This farmland is lush and green with stunning views of the sparkling Mediterranean. What’s not love about this farmland?

Podere Terrapille is an agriturismo in the countryside around Pienza

The Tuscan countryside is a must-see! The entire region is full of beautiful vineyards and farms, but our favorite area might be the Val d’Orcia. It’s pictured here and at the top. The landscape is a World Heritage site and where nearly every postcard of Tuscany’s country was taken.

Do you love the Italian countryside and its people?

Also, remember to protect it! Stay at Agriturismi when you are in Italy and purchase products directly from the farmers. You should also try to leave a minimal footprint. Use public transport #takewalks, bike rides, and clean up after yourself. Also, look for agriturismi or farms that are environmentally friendly.

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