Sicily is a wonderful place to be!

Nature is the story of a fairy tale in Sicily. It tells you about endless visions that become reality, causing strong sensations and unmatched thrills.

The active Volcanoes Etna and Stromboli stand out in the tale of its beauty. They are able to show the excitement of the protagonist in an adventure story between gushes and displays of great power.

We find three Mediterranean Seas friends, and different, the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian Canals, with all the colors of the clearest and deepest water and thousand sandy beaches and pebbles, to which are added majestic rock cliffs.

Nature Reserve Vendicari – ph. Paolo Barone

This Island is a treasure trove of diversity and will always be cherished by you. It is also the hinterland, which has ancient scents and flavours, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant colours.

Protected and Non-protected Areas, River and Mountains Parks, the flora & fauna off smaller islands, and world-class natural Heritage are all celebrating the triumph of variety and richness in landscapes.

Isola di Salina alle Eolie – ph. Paolo Barone

Nature that encourages harmony and wellness. Enjoy hiking along amazing paths, sailing boat trips and riding horses to slow down and relax.

Discover nature in Sicily

LabGis Osservatorio Türistico Regione Siciliana has created a regional web map with routes and paths to sustainable mobility. This was done in collaboration with FIAB Sicilia e CAI SIcilia


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