Ten Best Restaurants in Naples, Italy

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It is not an easy task to find the best Naples restaurants. The city is known for its great cuisine, which we all love to eat. Pizza restaurants in Naples Italy are a well-known institution. Decade after decade, the well-known pizza Napoletana has been a major player in the Italian food scene. We are sharing the top Italian restaurants in Naples with you in this article. If you’re a foodie, continue reading to discover the best restaurants in Naples Italy.

Ten Best Restaurants in Naples, Italy

You must ensure you have the best accommodation. Next, check out activities and last but not least, for great restaurants and food!

It is easy to say that the best Italian food comes primarily from Neapolitan restaurants. It is difficult to choose the best restaurants in Naples. It is never ending for Italy Best’s team to find the best products. We love to eat and walk, so we are passionate about finding the best food.


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You’ll find all you need to know about Naples’s best pizza restaurants, as well as pasta and desserts. You’ll find the best restaurants in Naples that offer cuisines you didn’t know existed. Let’s take a look at the top restaurants in Naples, Campania and Italy!

1. La Locanda Gesu Vecchio

Let’s begin the list by listing the top Neopolitan meals you can find in Naples. La Locanda Gesuvecchio in Naples Italy is the place to go if you are looking for authentic, homemade Italian restaurants. The traditional recipes are full of flavor and colors elevate the familiar atmosphere.

La Locanda will accommodate vegetarians and those who are gluten-free. La Locanda is proud to share this experience with you. The pasta plates are also filling and exciting. For a complete list of top pairings, check out their wine selection!

Where can I find the best restaurant in Naples? Via Giovanni Paladino 26, 80138, Naples

2. 400 gradi Di Ciro & Salvio Rapuano

10 best restaurants in Naples Italy - Pizza Pasta Sushi Dessert

400 Gradi Di Ciro is a top restaurant in Naples. One glance at the deliciously bubbly pizza dough with fresh toppings is all it takes to fall in love. You will enjoy delicious, delicate, popular antipasto dishes, no matter what you choose.

You can also find vegan and vegetarian options. All you have to do is ask! 400 Gradi di Ciro is a top restaurant in Naples Italy and offers a wide range of food options.

Are you looking for the best pizza restaurant in Naples, Italy? Via Concezione a Montecalvario 12, 80134, Naples

3. Pizzeria Pavia – Best Restaurants in Naples

You should reconsider your standards for pizza if you don’t already find yourself swooning at the melting cheese on Pizzeria Pavia’s pizzas. Why? Because there is something different about the pizzas.

The swollen dough is a great addition to any pizza recipe. We’re at the top of Naples’s Italian restaurants.

Where can I find the best pizza restaurant in Naples, Italy? Via della Solitaria 34 Al Pallonetto Di Santa Lucia, 80132, Naples

4. 1906 Imperatore

1906 Imperatore, another great pizza restaurant in Naples Italy. This small restaurant is a great place to try Neapolitan pizza. There are also vegetarian options available on both the classic and original pizzas.

What are some things to look out for in this restaurant? Excellent service, freshness of the ingredients, and huge pizzas. Not for the gluttony, obviously.

Where can I find the best pizza restaurant in Naples, Italy? Via Duomo 218, 80138, Naples

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5. Casa Buonocore

Casa Buonocore specializes in comfort food, including hearty Italian cuisine. You’ll be in for a surprise when you walk into the restaurant, which is one of the best restaurants in Naples. You will be treated like a grandma when you visit the local restaurant. The price is reasonable, and the Southern Italian meals are well worth it.

The antipasti is a must-try. The pasta selection is truly a gem. Vegetarians will also find their favorite dish.

Where? Via Giorgio Arcoleo 39 – 41, 80121, Naples

6. Osteria Napulion is the Best Restaurant in Naples

Smooth pasta, creamy sauces and mouth-watering meat dishes are all available at Osteria Napulion. You will find all this and more when you book at Osteria Napilion. It is situated in Napoli’s heart, just a few steps from the Spanish Area.

Osteria Napulion’s main attraction is its taste, which we believe gives it the title of being one of the best restaurants in Naples Italy. It is also a must-try when visiting Naples. You won’t find a more fresh and tangy taste anywhere else.

Where? Vico Mondragone, 30 Angolo Giovanni Nicotera 42 Napoli Centro, 80132, Naples

7. Reiwa – La Nuova Era Del Sushi

Fusion food is a creative way to present delicious ingredients in another context. Reiwa is a pioneer in the Japanese cuisine scene, and has made a mark on Napoli’s Japanese food scene. You can also enjoy the delicious vegetarian dishes.

We guarantee the best plates you have ever tasted in your culinary life. We would be happy to return time and again because of the freshness of our fish.

Where? Via Michelangelo Schipa 40, 80122, Naples

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8. AgriBraceria Di Fattoria Carpineto

It’s no accident that AgriBraceria is one the most popular Italian restaurants in Naples. It’s hard to describe how succulent their meats are.

The ingredients are all high-quality and cut perfectly. You’ll want to eat everything right away. AgriBraceria is the best restaurant in Naples.

Where? Via Gaetano Salvatore, 457 / Via Variante 7bis, 22 Mariglianella, 80145 Naples

9. Granfuoco Braceria, Best Restaurants in Naples

Granfuoco Braceria, a Naples steakhouse, is also one the most popular Italian restaurants. There are simple, yet complex flavors you can enjoy here.

We are now far away from Naples Italy’s pizza restaurants – it is all about the meat, the BBQ, and the tender, juicy pieces. It is without a doubt the best restaurant in Naples.

Where can I find the best restaurant in Naples Italy? Viale Virgilio 1, 80123, Naples

10. Ciccio Fri

Fried recipes are Ciccio Fri’s specialty. This is one of Naples’ top restaurants. Everything is perfectly seasoned, including pizzas and vegetables.

You can find vegan and vegetarian options that are all delicious. Ciccio Fri, an authentic Italian restaurant, still maintains the homey feel of home. It was a must-visit on our list for the best restaurants in Naples.

Where can I find the best restaurants in Naples? Via Emanuele de Deo 32, 80134, Naples

We have compiled 10 of the best restaurants in Naples

It’s there. These are the top 10 restaurants in Naples Italy that will delight your taste buds with their mouthwatering ingredients. You can find great Italian restaurants in Naples as well as pizza and sushi places. If you’re ever in Rome, be sure to check out the top places to eat in that city!

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Article by Ibtissam Al Azami

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