Terrasini e Cinisi

We invite you to Terrasini or Cinisi with us. These two villages are so close that they touch one another. They are less than 50 minutes away from Palermodowntown.

You will find everything you need for leisure: beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, nature reserves, sighting towers and delicious food. After admiring sunsets from Terrasini’s seafront, Magaggiari beach and Capo Rama, you will see the difference.

Let’s go on an trekking trip through the beautiful Piano Margi. Here Cinisi’s cow gracefully walks, and to Pizzo Peluso Montagna Longa. This is a great place for motocrossing, as well as Pizzo Montanello. You can also ride a mountainbike on the Nature Reserve at Capo Rama just a few miles away from Terrasini.

Let’s spend some time in Terrasini to see the amazing Sicilian carts displayed in the Regional Museum Palazzo D’Aumale

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Go swimming with your snorkel mask across Calarossa Island, named after the reddish streaks in its stunning reef.

Terrasini’s beaches are ideal for windsurfing, sailing and diving.

Terrasini’s main square is closed to traffic and is the ideal spot for a cocktail. Praiola, on the other hand, is the ideal beach for a nice evening swim.

Let’s restore the water supply early in the morning, by running along the waterfront.

Let’s go to Cinisi and visit the House of MemoriesPeppino Impastato. We’ll also get to hear his story from people who know him. This experience will lead you on an inner journey.

Windsurf at Magaggiari Beach, eating a sandwich made from zero-mile products, and buying fresh fish straight from the harbour fishermen are some of the things you can do.

Let’s take a look back at the past. We’ll be looking for the watchtowers in Cinisi and Terrasini, such as the Molinazzo Tower and Tonnara dell’Orsa Towers, and the Pozzillo Tower.

Capo Rama Tower is located at the end Capo Rama Oriented Reserve. It is the only circular tower planned on the coast. All others are square-shaped.

You can enjoy breathtaking views from Torre Alba (always in Terrasini), near Cala Rossa. Exhibitions and other important events are frequently held here.

These towers were part of the defense system of the Coastal Towers of Sicily. In fact, the Mediterranean coasts were frequently targeted by Ottomans and Barbarian corsairs. Later, the towers were used to locate tuna herds for the annex tuna plant.

You can read more about the Cinisara cow. fresh cheeses are made from its milk. The famous caciocavallo is also produced from Palermo. This milk is rich in aromas thanks to the unique fodder essences that are typical of the area.

Last but not least, Cinisi The


They are delicious and you should not leave without trying them.

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Ice cream: A piece of ice cream cake that is similar to the Sicilian Cassata, which was once sold on the streets as a snack.

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It is a refreshing experience!

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