10 Best Italian Cookbooks

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The best Italian cookbooks can’t replace the recipes of an Italian grandmother. We love to cook and love a good book of Italian recipes. Why? Because they take us back to a past that is familiar and comforting. This list is for you if you’re looking for an Italian cookbook that will inspire you. Continue reading!

10 Best Italian Food Books – Best Italian Cookbooks

Simple instructions are the hallmark of the best Italian cookbooks. They’re the way to homemade, bring-me-back-to-the-past Italian pastry recipes and dinnertime gems. You can find all of these books easily. We have made it our mission to only select the best Italian recipe books.

1. The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

Marcella Hazan is a well-known author of some of the most popular Italian food books. Hazan is a legend in this field, ranging from rustic Italian food books to antipasti and desserts. Her most renowned books include the Classic Italian Cook Book, and More Classic Italian Cooking. These books reveal the secrets to authenticity.

Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking is her most popular Italian cookbook. She explains the fundamentals of authentic Italian cooking in this book. This is not about pasta and rigatoni. We’re going to dive in Italy with squid and garlic and polenta. All the herbs are blended together in a variety of recipes that can be used by beginners and experts.

2. Southern Italian Desserts – Best Italian Food Books

Rosetta Costantino’s Southern Italian Desserts is a classic Italian cookbook. This classic Southern dessert, such as the pear and ricotta pie (featured below), is a must-have in this best Italian cookbook.

Calabria-born author, has detailedly listed desserts from Puglia and Sicilia. Our goal? Our goal? To bake the best Italian desserts. It’s beautiful and effective – this is the book you’d put in your bookshop basket and never let go.

3. La Cucina: Italian Regional Cooking

La Cucina is a long-standing favorite among Italian cookbooks. Co-written by The Italian Academy of Cuisine, this book includes the regional cuisines of Italy.

This classic Italian cookbook shared hundreds of recipes that reflected the heritage of Italian country cooking. Every detail is broken down so you can enjoy the best, most authentic Italian country cooking.

4. Don’t Trust a Skinny Italian Cook

Massimo Bottura, the Jimi Hendrix for Italian chefs, proposes Never Trust A Skinny Italian Cook. This may very well be the most famous Italian cookbook. There is much to say about Massimo Bottura, “the Jimi Hendrix of Italian chefs”.

This Italian cookbook contains fifty recipes that complement each other. It is a great book for Italian cooking because of its delicious and innovative recipes. This cookbook is definitely the best Italian cookbook.

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5. Best Italian Food Books: Dolce Italiano

Gina De Palma envisions Dolce Italiano to be the ultimate Italian cookbook. You will find many exciting recipes inside, including mascarpone, chocolate, walnut pie, Capri, and white corn biscotti.

This is your classic Italian cookbook with classic Italian dessert recipes. Of course, with a twist. This is the perfect cookbook for Italian cuisine!

6. My Calabria

My Calabria is the perfect cookbook to help you discover the true Italian flavors if you have been to Italy. It is one of those books with images that are so delicious that you want to eat it all.

Rosetta Costantino’s Italian cookbook features Calabrian lasagne, sweet peppers fritters and bread from Calabria. The rustic Italian cookbook recipes can be assembled in no time!

7. Plant-Based Italiano

Italian cuisine has evolved over the past few years. This vegan Italian cookbook, Plant Based Italiano, is proof that you can combine Italy and veganism.

Terri Marro Rinchik, a dietician and Dominic Marro, an author, have created the book. It is rustic Italian food at its best. It offers many options, and we love the all-inclusive Italian cuisine feature.

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8. Rustic Italian Food: A Cookbook

Marc Vetri’s Rustic Italian Food is the ultimate book on rustic Italian cuisine. James Beard award-winning chef Marc Vetri offers many options for home cooks who take Italian cooking seriously. This isn’t your typical Italian cookbook. You will be experimenting with different ingredients and techniques.

This book is an Italian comfort food cookbook that aims both to please and to teach. You will find the techniques and ingredients you need to make the best Italian recipes from the past.

9. The Roads to Rom: Best Italian Food Books

The Roads to Rome is the best Italian cookbook currently available. Food books, like all things, follow trends and are inspired by others. This authentic Italian recipe book was created by Jarrett Wrisley, a food writer, restaurateur, as well as Paolo Vitaletti (co-founder of Appia in Bangkok).

This book on Italian comfort food has a lot to offer humanity. To bring you the best comfort food book, the writers visited farmers, artisans, producers, and restaurants. We love it.

10. Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen

Slowly, we are getting to the top of the list for the best Italian cookbooks. The vegan Italian cookbook by Chloe Coscarelli has made a huge impact on the comfort food market. It’s not hard to believe that vegan food is still thriving in Italy, even in places such as Rome. This authentic Italian recipe book recreates creams, tiramisu and gnocchi.

There are many other recipes. Chloe Coscarelli won Cupcake Wars, and she went on to create this new addition to her line of books. This is a great line, which already includes Chloe’s Kitchen and Chloe’s Vegan Desserts.

#Bonus: Lidia’s Favorite Recipes

Without Lidia’s Favorite Recipes (one of the most popular Italian cookbooks), this list would be incomplete. Lidia Matticchio Bastianich’s new title is it Italian pastry recipes? Is it the fact we have a book of authentic Italian comfort food?

Every one of the authentic Italian recipe books is a mouthwatering feast for the eyes. This is not Lidia’s first attempt. Lidia has been an iconic figure in the Italian cuisine scene for many years. This new edition is all about family, families, and more family. It’s about creating family traditions by using strong fundamentals. Yummy.

Wrapping Up 10 Best Italian Food Books – Best Italian Cookbook

We hope that you enjoyed this comprehensive list of the top Italian cookbooks. It is vital – and essential – that we share the best Italian food. We thought you would enjoy an Italian recipe book to cook like you were in Italy. Relax for the moment. Take a look at some of the best creations and follow the steps to complete them.

Let us know what recipes you have. If you are interested in learning more about Italian cuisine, you can explore the most well-known Italian cheeses. You can also check out the Wandering Cookbook, which has an international cookbook PDF.

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