10 Best Italian Pastries You Should Try

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Flour, sugar and eggs are all necessary ingredients. All people can be happy if they have these four simple ingredients. These ingredients are the base of pastry. Italy has a long history of sweet temptations. Let’s take a look at our gallery to see the finest Italian pastries. These cakes, sweets and spoon desserts are delicious!

10 best Italian pastries you should try

We are well aware of the amazing Italian dishes and how each region’s cuisine is different. Italian desserts tend to be less creamy than in other European countries. Or, they don’t use as many whipped cream-based sweets. To find the best Italian pastries, visit a Pasticceria when you’re in Italy. You can find different pastries from different regions in Italy, each with a unique taste.

1. Baba al rum

Let’s begin our list of delights by introducing Baba al Rum, one of the most famous Italian desserts. For a shiny, sticky finish, a sponge cake is soaked in rum-flavored syrup.

Baba Rum is not from Naples, which is odd. His origins can be traced back to France and Poland. Larousse Gastronomique claims that Stanislas Leszczynski (ex-king of Poland, son-in-law to Louis XV) had the idea of soaking a Kugelhopf, which was rather dry, in rum in the 18th Century.

All Parisian patissiers soon adopted his idea. The monsu, which were the top-ranking Neapolitan chefs who had been trained in France, brought the rum Baba to southern Italy in the 19th century. It quickly became one of the most loved Neapolitan delicacies.

2. Bombolone alla crema

These delicious fried delights are round, soft and coated in caster sugar. The Bombolone con la crema is the perfect choice. You can enjoy this delicious Italian donut with a cup of coffee or any other beverage.

They are named after their shape which reminds a lot of a bowler hat. Or perhaps they were named because they explode with taste like a bomb. Try them with Nutella for an incredible experience. Bomboloni is a delicious Italian breakfast pastry that will make you scream!

3. Cannolo Siciliano

The outer shell is fried and shaped like a tube. It’s filled with sweetened cream, then topped with candied citron, chocolate drops, and finally, with chopped pistachios or orange peel. Cannoli, along with Cassata are the jewels of Sicilian pastry and are among the most famous Italian desserts.

Their history is extremely ancient. It seems to have been written during the Arab dominance in Sicily between the 9th century and the 11th century. As is often the case, their story of origins is a mixture of legends and beliefs that have been passed down through the centuries. Their teste is irresistible. That is what is certain. It’s so good, you won’t want to live without it. Remember, the Sicilian Cannolo real is made at the last moment to keep its crunchiness.

4. Cantucci

They are also known as “Prato cookies”, and they are one of the most well-known biscuits in the entire world. This sweet dough is scented with orange peel, enriched with almonds and baked. Then it’s toasted until crispy and crunchy. Cantucci is an ancient recipe that dates back to 16th century.

Canto is Latin for “a piece of bread”. Their name derives from their Latin name. Prato’s pastry chef improved the original recipe in the 19th century and made his biscuits famous across Europe. This recipe is kept secret. Every good Italian chef has their own version. These delicious Italian biscuits can be enjoyed at any hour of the day. To finish your meal, the top of these delicious Italian biscuits is soaked in Vin Santo.

5. Cassata Sicilian

You can’t help but salivate at the sweetened ricotta and chocolate chips as well as sponge cake soaked with liqueur, marzipan and candied fruits. Cassata, a rich dessert from Sicilia, is well-worth the honor. Sicilian Cassata was originally created to celebrate Easter. It is often enjoyed throughout the year.

It is believed that the name Cassata derives its name from the Arabic word Quas’at which means large bowl. Some believe that Cassata may be related to the Latin term caseus, which means cheese. Although it may seem easy to prepare, Sicilian cassata is difficult to make. This is especially true when you consider the intricate Baroque decorations made with strips of candied pumpkin.

6. Crostata

Crostata, a popular Italian jam tart, is one of the most loved pastries. It can be enjoyed with a cappuccino in the morning, as a snack or as a dessert after dinner.

It’s also super simple to make and can last for a week. For pasta frolla (shortcrust pastry), all you need is flour, cold butter and sugar. Eggs, lemon peel, some baking powder, and salt are all you need. The fruit jam is a must, too. Try it with Nutella for a richer variation. It’s insanely delicious!

7. Panna cotta

Panna cotta is a well-loved spoon dessert that is popular not only in Italy, but all over the world. We know only that it was created in the Langhe region of Piedmont in the first century.

The ingredients for its preparation are very simple: cream, powdered Sugar, and Isinglass. Panna cotta is a delicate mix that is enhanced by the exquisite sauces. You’ll find yourself licking your lips no matter what you choose: hot chocolate, caramel, or fresh fruit coulis. You now know why Pannacotta is considered one of the most delicious Italian desserts.

8. Sfogliatella Napoletana

The puff pastry shell is a crunchy, crispy, and rectangular shape that wraps the soft custard mixture of citrus-scented custard and ricotta. What is it? It is the Neapolitan sfogliatella. The sfogliatella, also known as riccia, is a Neapolitan pastry recipe that includes the Pastiera and the Rum Baba.

A coda di aragosta, or “lobster tail”, is another variant. It has the same crust, but a sweeter filling like simple whipped cream, or with a special lemon scent. Pasquale Pintauro is the best bakery in Naples that makes authentic Italian sfogliatella.

9. Tiramisu

This creamy cream is layered with layers of ladyfingers that have been soaked in coffee. Tiramisu is a well-known and loved Italian spoon dessert. It is not known where Tiramisu originated. It is believed that Tiramisu was born in Treviso (a beautiful town near Venice), 50 years ago.

Tiramisu can be made in a matter of minutes and is perfect for any occasion. The original recipe calls for mascarpone and eggs. There are many variations to this recipe, including the strawberry Tiramisu.

10. Torta Caprese

The best ideas often come from making mistakes. This is exactly what happened with Torta Caprese. Capri is where the cake was created for the first time in the 1920s. The local chef apparently forgot to add flour to his dough. It was delicious!

This flourless chocolate cake is made with almonds, Strega liqueur or Rum. It has a thin shell and rich interior. It’s usually topped with powdered sugar and a generous amount of fresh whipped cream. Caprese is a must-try in our gallery of the top 10 Italian desserts you should try at least once in your life.

Happiness is easy… maybe it’s Italian!

The list of Italian pastries You-Need-To-Try-Once-In-Your-Life is very long, and you cannot eat them all. Dreams are free! Here’s our ranking to #20…

  • Bunet is a Piedmont dessert that’s very similar to chocolate pudding, but with amaretto.
  • Chiacchiere — a delicate, crunchy fried sheet that is typical of Carnival
  • Gelato all’italiana — no words are needed!
  • Panettone is a sweet bread from Milan that is usually eaten for Christmas.
  • Panforte is a traditional dessert made with nuts and fruits, originally from Siena. It’s usually eaten around Christmas.
  • Pastiera Napoletana — A Neapolitan dessert made with cooked wheat, eggs and ricotta cheese. It is usually eaten for Easter.
  • Sbrisolona — A crumbly cake made from cornflour and sugar that is typical of Mantua. It’s covered in butter, lard, and almonds.
  • Seadas — A typical Sardinian dessert. Seadas is made by deep-frying large semolina dumplings with a filling from soured Pecorino, and then covered with thick and sticky local honey.
  • Struffoli is a Neapolitan dessert consisting of honey-covered sweet dough balls deep-fried in oil. It’s usually eaten around Christmas.
  • Zuppa Inglese — A layered dessert made with custard, ladyfingers and Alchermes aromatic herb liqueur. Simply exquisite!


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Sorry, that was a stupid question! You just need to choose one of our many Italian pastries and then you can enjoy your life!

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