15 Best Italian Desserts

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Are you a sucker for sweets and are you just browsing the web looking for recipes to make it? You have just found it. We recommend that you try it before you dive into the Italian desserts we offer. What can you expect? You can expect anything from Italian chocolate desserts to Italian custard desserts to Italian lemon desserts to the well-known Italian coffee dessert.

15 Best Italian Desserts

This article will help you find the best traditional Italian desserts. My mouth watered while I was writing the details and looking for pictures. These sweets are made by Italians who are so inventive. Some of them have been around for centuries, but in different forms.

These sweets can be enjoyed at any cafe or restaurant after you have had a tasty pasta dish. You can make some of these sweets at home. Tell us which of these 15 Italian desserts is your favorite.

1. Tiramisu

Tiramisu is our number one favorite Italian dessert. The layered Italian dessert is loved by many and has been remade in different ways over the years. It is believed to have originated in Veneto around the 1980s. In 1983, a cookbook first mentioned the Italian Coffee dessert.

What were the original ingredients of the base? The base didn’t change. It was still ladyfingers. After soaking the sponge in coffee, add mascarpone cheese to each layer. Tiramisu is available in many shapes, as long as it is properly layered.

The meaning of Tiramisu is also in Italian. Separate the words “tirami Su” and you will find that it means “pull me up”. If we look at it this way, the Tiramisu basically means the sweet that will lift your mood when you eat it.

2. Cannoli

Cannoli, one of the most famous Italian desserts, was first discovered in Sicily in 1090 AD. Its origins can be traced back at Palermo by Gaetano Basile, but it quickly became a Sicilian staple. Cannoli is a popular Italian Christmas dessert.

Cannoli is a dessert made from fried pastry. This dessert is made with a crispy, fried pastry wrap, then filled with cream ricotta and chocolate chips. The result is delicious and takes only 40 minutes to make. You will find a lot of delicious food in Sicily, as well as some of the most famous Italian desserts.

3. Panna Cotta

Piedmont is the origin of Panna Cotta, which is an Italian dessert. Although it is not known where the recipe originated, some believe that it was created by a Hungarian woman during the 1900s. Panna Cotta was added to the traditional food products list in 2001.

Panna Cotta, an Italian custard dessert, is called. It is also known as “cooked cream”. It’s usually sweetened with sugar and flavored with vanilla. Thanks to gelatin, it retains its thick texture that doesn’t melt. Panna Cotta is delicious when paired with jam, syrup, or fruit.

4. Gelato

Italian Gelato has become a favorite dessert worldwide, especially for Italian Chocolate desserts. Have you ever tried artisan Nutella gelato? Gelato is often mistaken for ice cream. It has a thicker flavor and creamier texture than ice cream.

Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli introduced gelato to Italy in 1600. There have been many variations on this dessert over the years, but you should go to Italy to experience the original gelato. You won’t find a gelato anywhere else, even if the Italians claim it.

5. Crostata

Let’s move on to our Italian desserts. The Crostata is essentially a tart or pie. Recipes can be traced back to 1456. It is not clear where these delicious Italian desserts originated. Some say they are from Venice while others claim it came from Naples.

Crostata is a classic Italian dessert that is made with a pastry crust, jam, ricotta and fruit. Crostata is a multilayered Italian dessert. The base was three layers before. Crostata is now only made with shortcrust pastry and can be filled with different sweet jams.

If you’re looking for a crostata in Emilia Romagna you will be immediately drawn to the chocolate one. It is called Torta di Vigolo, and is very popular in Piacenza.

6. Torta Caprese

The Torta Caprese is the next Italian chocolate dessert. Although the names of these Italian desserts suggest it comes from Capri, it is not clear when they started baking it. According to some sources, the cake was accidentally made in 1920 by a baker who forgot to add flour to the almond cake.

These speculations may be true, but the main point is that we have one of our most beloved authentic Italian desserts. It is made from almonds, and flour is optional. You can serve the cake with whipped cream.

7. Semifreddo

Semifreddo, an Italian lemon dessert, is very interesting. This dessert is versatile, even though the main ingredient isn’t lemon. Semifreddo is half-frozen, and was one of the first recipes to be discovered in the 20th Century. It also looks a lot like the French parfait.

How is Semifreddo then made? The Semifreddo is an Italian Christmas dessert. It is made by whipping cream. It isn’t quite an ice-cream, but more of a cold dessert. The texture is pleasant, and you can flavor it with any flavor. Semifreddo can be flavored with nuts, fruits, vanilla or chocolate.

8. Zabaglione

Do you enjoy a traditional Italian custard dessert recipe? This Italian Zabaglione dessert is sure to delight. This sweet dish is very popular in Italian christmas desserts and Italian easter puddings. First, no one knows where Zabaglione comes from. It could be from Tuscany, Piedmont or Emilia-Romagna.

We know that it is a popular Italian dessert and is loved by all. There are only four ingredients: eggs, sugar and Marsala wine. You can also add some fruit or chocolate to decorate the dish. You can also serve it with ladyfingers.

9. Cassata

It is a delicious, colorful dessert that can be traced back in Palermo’s 10th century. It is one of the easiest Italian desserts to prepare and was first mentioned in 1178. What is it made of? Even though it may not look like it, it does contain a sponge cake.

The sponge is moistened using some liqueur, fruit juices, and then layered with ricotta Cheese and candied fruits. The filling used to make cannoli is the same. It’s made from marzipan, and has some colorful icing. The outside is white. It’s very simple! Let’s get on to the next Italian dessert.

10. Bonet

Bonet is the next Italian dessert on our list. Bonet, which comes from Piedmonte in Italy, is the next best Italian dessert.

It is one of the most loved Italian desserts. The ingredients speak for themselves, I believe. Who doesn’t like chocolate and biscuit desserts? These biscuits are Amaretti Cookies and contain eggs, cocoa powder, milk, and rum. You can also drizzle caramel on top.

11. Crema di Cogne

Crema di Cogne is one of the best and easiest Italian desserts. This sweet chocolate dessert is a typical Aosta Valley dish. It is easy to prepare, but the result is amazing. This is a great example of authentic Italian desserts.

This recipe requires only fresh cream, sugar and cocoa. You can leave out the rum if you don’t like its taste. Serve it in small bowls with hazelnut or almond cookies.

12. Zuppa Inglese Emiliana

This is not a soup. It’s a dessert made with sponge cake. This dessert is very popular in the Emilia Romagna region, hence the Emiliana name. This can be prepared with sponge cake or our beloved ladyfingers.

Ladyfingers are first soaked in alchemers, a type of Italian liquor. Next, you add one layer of cocoa cream and then another layer or sponge, followed by a layer of custard. You can also add chocolate chips to some variations. It’s mouthwatering!

13. Pastiera Napoletana

We’re almost done with our list of traditional Italian desserts. Now, we need to talk about Pastiera Napoletana or a Neapolitan cake. From where is this tart? We are sure you can guess. We do know that Pastiera Napoletana works well for all occasions.

An old recipe stated that the ricotta was mixed with eggs or grain while making the pastry. However, a newer recipe calls for the pastry to be mixed with cream to make the pastry softer. This pastry takes a long time to bake so be sure you have enough time. Pastiera Napoletana, an Italian easter dessert, is also a highlight in Neopolitan pastries.

14. Piccola Pasticerria

This is my favorite Italian dessert. I love small pastries with cream, jelly, and fruits. Piccola Pasticerria, or small pastries, is a well-known Italian tart. They are especially popular in the north.

You can use the same recipe for tarts but you will need to make them smaller as they are intended to be eaten in one or two bites. The best are made with jelly and fruit, but chocolate ones can also be delicious. These little delights are especially popular in Milan.

15. Panettone

The best has been saved for last! Panettone, a well-known Italian Christmas dessert, is also widely known around the world. This delicious dessert is a favorite of many. It is believed that a Milanese baker fell for a woman walking by his bakery each day.

To lure women into his store, he worked tirelessly to make a vanilla-scented loaf. The name is a result of where? Toni was his name, so he named Pan di Toni, also known by Toni’s bread.

This legend is merely that, but it’s still a great one. Panettone is baked in a special way to get the fluffy texture. If you own a bread machine, you can make it yourself or buy it in pastries made from Italy. It is a common purchase in Italy. They are able to identify the best Panettone brand and buy it.

Traditional Italian Desserts

Our list of the best Italian desserts is complete. We hope that by the end of this list you will have at least one favorite dessert. You can add more sweetness to your life by trying the best Italian chocolates. You can also check out our list of best Italian pastries.

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