10 Best Italian White Wines

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Italy is a proud producer of fine wines that are internationally recognized. Although Italy is most often associated with red wine, it also produces many excellent white wines. What are the best white wines from Italy? Which Italian wine regions produce the finest Italian wines? These are only our opinions. You can use our suggestions to pair wine with Italian classic food.

Ten of the finest white wines from Italy

White wine is made from grapes that have been pressed without skin. Yellow wine tends to have a yellowish hue. It is best to consume it between 8-14 degrees. We prefer to let the bottle cool down before opening it. We have selected the top white wines from Italy. Let’s go on a tour through the Italian wine regions to learn more about Italian wine varieties.

1. Pinot Bianco

Pinot Bianco is still a wine that has a pleasant structure and is soft. Pinot Bianco, because of its acidity and body, is a great choice for sparkling winemaking. It is also a well-known sparkling wine from Italy, such as Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige.

It is straw yellow. It has golden to greenish reflections. The white wine from Italy has a citrus and fruity aroma. Pinot Bianco pairs well with white meats, fish-based main dishes, light-cured meat appetizers and fresh or moderate-aged cheeses. Pinot Bianco is also great with seafood risotto and vegetable soups, salads, as well as small pastry desserts.

2. Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grgio is one of the most well-known Italian white wines. It is known for producing excellent white wines in the Veneto area. This wine is usually quite light. It is also slightly citrusy.

The refreshing Pinot is a great pairing for seafood dishes and salads. Organic pinot grigio is made only from organically grown grapes that have been freed of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. This wine is also a common one in Friuli Venezia Giulia Nortehrn.

3. Vernaccia di San Gimignano

Vernaccia di San Gimignano is named after the grape that was used to make this white wine from Italy. The Tuscan town of San Gimignano is also the origin of the wine. They are usually straw-yellow, but they will develop golden hues as they age.

These wines are clean, bright, and well-structured. The aroma is floral and fruity. The almond-like aftertaste is the typical flavor. Vernaccia di San Giminiano is excellent as an aperitif.

It pairs well with shellfish, first courses with white sauces, mushrooms, rice, and pasta. This wine is great with any kind of raw, baked, fried, grilled or grilled fish dishes.

4. Soave

Soave, a DOC wine is from Verona in the Veneto Region. This white wine is well-known since antiquity. It is believed to have been made in Roman times. Soave is a sophisticated wine with a rich flavor. It is transparent yellow, which tends towards being greenish.

It has floral and fruity notes. It also has a distinct almond flavor. This wine is great as an aperitif. You can also pair it with seafood, vegetables, and oysters. It can be served with polenta or mature cheese with strong flavors.

5. Trebbiano d’Abruzzo

Trebbiano is the emblem of low-cost white wines. The color is intense straw yellow in the younger version. It has greenish reflections that tend to fade with age. It has a floral and fruity aroma.

This dry, fresh, and delicious Italian white wine can be paired with many different foods, including appetizers, seafood, and first courses like spaghetti with clams, tagliatelle, butter and sage, and fish broth. It also comes with slightly aged cheese.

6. Gewurztraminer

South Tyrol is home to some of the finest Italian white wines. These wines are made from aromatic and semi-aromatic grape variety, including the Gewurztraminer.

Gewurztraminer wine is elegant and complex. It has bright, intense golden hues. Wines with low acidity and high alcohol levels are some of its characteristics. The aroma is intense and explosive.

To avoid overpowering the flavors of your food, it is important to carefully pair it. Gewurztraminer is great with ginger, curry and turmeric, nutmeg cinnamon, dried fruits, cardamoms, avocado, and lychee.

7. Vermentino

The Liguria region produces Vermentino that is lighter in body but has a more elegant taste. Italian dry white wines are generally soft with a light straw yellow color but strong floral aromas. They also have notes of aromatic herbs that remind of the Mediterranean scrub.

Vermentino is a great pairing for fish dishes. Vermentino Ligure is a great pairing for rich appetizers like stuffed zucchini flowers and pan-fried artichokes.

8. Falanghina

Falanghina, a white grape variety, has been cultivated in Campania since ancient times. Its popularity has allowed it to spread across almost the entire region. This white wine is rich in complex aromas. The Falanghina still has a straw-yellow color with greenish reflections. The sparkling version is a bright straw color.

It is best paired with Mediterranean dishes such as appetizers, rice, and pasta made with seafood or legume soups. It is recommended to be served with grilled or fried fish as well as white meats. It is also great with soft or young goat cheeses, as well as buffalo mozzarella from Campania.

9. Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi

Verdicchio Dei Castelli di Jesi is a backbone of Italian wine history. It is from the Marche region. This sparkling wine has strong aromas and a weak structure. It is characterized by its freshness and effervescence.

Verdicchio Dei Castelli Di Jesi is a light, delicate, and versatile wine that goes well with dishes with strong, persistent, and decisive flavors. You can combine it with meatless appetizers, such as fish and vegetables.

10. Cortese

Cortese, a white Italian wine is from Piedmont. Cortese’s color can range from light yellow to dark yellow. The aromas are generally fruity and floral with citrus notes. It is an acidic wine. It is ideal for appetizers, soups and seafood.

The best Italian white wines

Which Italian white wine do you prefer? Italian sweet white wine or dry white wine? Each wine region in Italy has its own wine, which pairs well with traditional dishes. Italy lovers and foodies can simply choose their favorite Italian wines and pair them with their favourite dishes.

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