Buffalo Mozzarella Basics: How Cows Are Involved & Other Surprising Facts

You can’t help but fall in love with buffalo mozzarella, a soft and delicate cheese from southern Italy. The best is made in Campania in the region of Naples. Even if you are a big fan of Italian mozzarella di bufala, are you familiar with the basics? These are six shocking facts.

1. Buffalo mozzarella milk doesn’t come from cows…

It’s well-known that buffalo wings don’t actually come from buffalo. (Right?). Buffalo mozzarella is, however, a bit more true to its name. Buffalo mozzarella is made from the milk of water buffalo.

2. It is possible to be a… except when it is.

Sometimes you may also hear “buffalo mozzarella” used to describe cheese made with cow’s milk. Technically, that’s incorrect. This type of cheese is called di lata. However, it is contradictory in Italy that the laws regarding buffalo mozzarella can and can’t be used. Many mozzarella di bufala cheeses are made mostly from cow’s milk.

3. Buffalo mozzarella wasn’t always so costly or gourmet.

These cows from Italy are the source of your mozzarella “buffalo”.

Mozzarella di Bufala has become a delicacy for foodies, especially the good stuff. It started as a delicacy…of the poor, like so many other Italian foods. It was once a semi-wild buffalo that roamed the swamps of central and southern Italy. The far-from-rich Italians who lived there would obtain the milk and make mozzarella.

4. There is a reason that mozzarella sits in the water it does.

You’ve probably bought mozzarella di bufala in the past. It comes in a container, either a bag or plastic tub, that is filled with watery ingredients. This is the whey. This is important because mozzarella must be kept moist. We are sure that every Italian mother will chase you down with a heavy-handed wooden spoon. It’s not a good idea.

5. After you have purchased your buffalo mozzarella, make sure to eat it immediately

The taste of buffalo mozzarella begins to change as soon as it is exposed to air, like when you take it out of the bag. True connoisseurs know the difference between mozzarella made yesterday and this morning.

6. It’s not possible to make a pizza using the best buffalo mozzarella

You should not use top-quality mozzarella di bufala for cooking. Its delicate flavors will be overpowered or destroyed by other ingredients. Use a lower-quality cheese, or a soft, melting cheese such as fontina. You can save the mozzarella di bufala for yourself. The taste will be worth it, we promise.

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