Sicily Handmade Products

Let’s go shopping together and see the craftsmanship.

It is easy to find handcrafted products in Sicily. They act as guardians of the past traditions, passed down from father to son. Obsidian handling is one example of a special work skill that can still be practiced today in Lipari, the Aeolian Islands, and on Pantelleria Island.

Trapani and the surrounding areas will have a rare and valuable coral. The artisans create jewelry and other unusual shaped objects from this gem, continuing centuries-old traditions. The Museum Pepoli keep a treasure trove of old and valuable collections in Trapani.

Gold is also red in Sciacca, the province of Agrigento!

The techniques used to handle the coral of the mediterranean are passed down from the past. Today’s saccensi artisans are outstanding performers who can combine taste, sicilian tradition, and modernity.

They are able to blend creativity with modern taste.

They can be found in Palermo and Catania, as well as all over the island. The pupi are our puppets that represent knights of Carolingian times, the heroes of the opera dei pui, which is part of the oral and material heritage of UNESCO.

It is well-known for its elegant ceramics of Caltagirone. This clay is located near Catania and is related to QAL’AT AL GHIRAN which, in Arabic, means “vases fortress”. Many shops line the narrow streets, selling beautiful vases, plates and tiles as well as ornaments, figurines, chandeliers and statues. You should visit the.Museo Regionale Della Ceramica, which has a wide and unique collection of Calatine artistic pottery, dating back to the iv century BC.

Let’s continue shopping in Erice, where we still find the fascinating and ancient art of rug weaving. In fact, women used to have a frame that they could use to create masterpieces from small, coloured scraps. You can still find coloured carpets in small shops around this medieval village.

We also find the famous ceramic in Santo Stefano di Camastra.

It’s so nice to take a stroll through this charming village and walk along its narrow streets lined with colorful shops. You will find beautiful Majolica tiles everywhere you look. Here , the Museo della Ceramica exhibits at Palazzo Trabia a very interesting collection.

The flees market is located just a few steps from the Palermo Cathedral. It is easily accessible from any part of the city. It is a treasure trove of craftsmen who work here. The local and national antiquities markets offer furniture and items at a good price. However, it is possible to find the most recent pieces, either vintage or modern. On sundays, the flees market at Piazza Marina is a great alternative.

Fashion lovers will find inspiration in big cities such as Palermo or Catania. However, Siracusa, Ragusa, and Taormina are close to Messina. There are boutiques, monobrand shops and perfume shops along with some young designers ateliers.

The Sicilia Outlet Village is located in the middle of Sicily, near Enna. It has 140 shops selling the finest Italian and international brands. It is easy to find the Outlet Village by exiting off of Highway a19 Palermo–Catania.

It is important to highlight enogastronomy. There are many Sicilian specialties that can be bought in the shop or in specialized shops, in addition to street food delights like arancini and granite, which are great to take home. The cassata and the chocolateholate from Modica, as well as the cookies from Monreale and Erice, along with the genovesi of Erice, frutta Martorana, prickly pear mustard, pistacchio of Bronte, Castelbuono biscuits, Castelvetrano black bread, and the Sicilian wine, are just a few of the many specialties.

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