Ten Best Hostels in Rome

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Rome is a great place to visit if you are looking for some time away. These 10 top hostels in Rome Italy will help you save money on your trip to the Eternal City. We have selected the top hostels in Rome. Some are located in the center of the city, while others are near Termini Station. The top 10 hostels in Rome are listed chronologically according to their ratings. These top hostels in Rome have ratings ranging from nearly 10 to 7.7. They are well worth the effort and money spent.

Ten Best Hostels in Rome

Some people may be hesitant about sharing a room with strangers. These rooms in Rome have lockers so that you can keep your personal belongings safe. It’s a great way to meet new people and if you’re traveling solo, even find a travel partner. You can save as much as EUR20 per night on your trip Rome by buying a gift instead. Let’s find out why these hostels are so highly rated, and which attractions or restaurants are close by!

1. Ostello Bello Roma Colosseo

The Ostello Belo Roma Colosseo is the first hostel in Rome Italy. This hostel has a rating 9.8 , and is only one mile away the city centre. It’s a great choice if you want to spend a few days in Rome. The facilities include free WiFi and a beautiful terrace. There is even a garden. Pets are welcome! It offers great city views, and is modern but playful.

Prices may be a little higher at this hostel but it’s worth it. EUR32 per night for a single bed in a 6-bed dormitory. Although you will share the kitchen and lounge with other guests, the separate bathrooms in each dormitory are a huge plus. What’s nearby? The Colosseum, Roman Forum and the Trevi Fountain are all within walking distance.

transportation is easy to find. The Vittorio Emanuele metro station is less than one mile away, and Termini Station can be found within a short distance. A few cafes are available in the vicinity, including La Cuccuma or Da Nunzia Al Colle Oppio. Because of its accessibility, rating and location, Ostello Bello Roma Colosseo ranks among the best hostels in Rome.

2. RomeHello

The RomeHello is the second-best hostel in Rome. This hostel has a 9.5-star rating and is 0.8 miles from the city centre. Customers seem to love it. The facilities offer food and drink, luggage storage, daily housekeeping and lockers, which are essential for shared dormitories.

RomeHello hostel rooms also affordable and offer single beds starting at EUR20/night. The lounge and kitchen are shared. This hostel is close again to Trevi Fountain and Roman Forum. Nearby restaurants are Pan Bernardo, Exquitaly and the Italian Restaurant. The nearest metro station is the Teatro dell’Opera Metro Station.

Why would you chooseThe RomeHello hostel? You will find a beautiful space in Rome, close to major attractions, transport, and restaurants. It is clean and also has a bar. RomeHello is a great hostel in Rome Italy.

3. Roma Hostel Free

The Free Hostels Roma, rated 9.0-star on Booking.com, is third on our list. The hostel is modern and colorful, and only 1.4 mi from the city centre. It is also close to Termini Station Rome and the Menzoni Metro Station.

Some of the main amenities include Wifi free, a shared terrace with food and drink, and a bar. Each room has its own locker. You can choose from a variety of rooms such as a 6-bed female dormitory that has a private bathroom and 6 beds. A night’s stay can cost as little as EUR20. This is a great deal considering the cleanliness and organization of Free Hostels Roma.

The hostel is located close to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Trevi fountain. Pizza Inn Alice and Chicken Hut are great places to grab food and drinks. There are many bars and cafes near you, such as [email protected] and Just for You. You can also purchase groceries at your local supermarket. Santa Bibiana railway station is your nearest stop if you want to explore other areas of Rome. Let’s take a look at the other best hostels in Rome, Italy.

4. Roma Scout Center

Roma Scout Center, another great option for budgetrooms in Rome Italy, is another great option. Rated 8.8, this hostel is a little further from the center of Rome. The Roma Scout Center is located at 2.3 miles. It has clean, brightly decorated rooms. Parking is available at the site, even though it is farther from the center.

Additional amenities include a garden, terrace, and coffee is available on the house! You can purchase chocolate, cookies, fruit, water, and alcohol for an additional fee. Roma Scout Center has its own bar and restaurants. How much are the prices? The price for two people sharing a double room is EUR60/night. You can also choose to stay in a dormitory for as low as EUR20 per night!

What is nearthen like? Giardino Vincenzo Parisi, a large garden, is near the Piazza Bologna, which is the most well-known square in the neighborhood. There is a Lidl right next to your home where you can buy groceries. There are many Mexican and Chinese restaurants within a short distance. You can also find cafes and bars like Pub 800 and Stendal Bar. Bologna Metro Station can be reached in 10 minutes by foot.

5. Rome’s Yellow Square

We are now at the top hostels in Rome Italy, with ratings below 9. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth your time. Yellow Square Rome is 1.5 miles from the city centre and has a rating 8.7. It is located near Termini Station Rome and is the perfect hostel for anyone arriving from another city.

Yellow Square Rome has an amazing restaurant that offers haircuts, beauty services, and even a DJ! Additional servicesinclude airport pickup for an additional charge. For extra privacy, double or twin rooms can be arranged. If you prefer to share a room with six or eight people, there are dormitories that offer 6 or 8 beds. Prices are around EUR20 per night.

What are you close? The nearest attractions are Piazza Della Repubblica and National Roman Museum. The hostel also has its own restaurant, but you can also visit The Yellow Bar and the Italian Pretoriana near it. A few blocks away are grocery stores and supermarkets. Castro Pretorio is the nearest Metro Station.

6. The Bricks Rome

The Bricks Rome follows our list of hostels in Rome Italy. It has a 8.6 rating , 2.6 away from the center _, so it’s a great place to stay for a few nights. The hostel’s design is quite impressive. The kitchens, bathrooms, and rooms are very modern and clean. It is located further from the city centre, but Appiano Metro Station and Valle Aurelia Metro Station can be found nearby. You can easily get around .

You can easily pay EUR70 per night for a double room that has a private bathroom and costs up to EUR70 per person. The hostel is more luxurious than the others, but the facilities and atmosphere are much like a hotel. The hostel offers a concierge service, a beautiful terrace, free parking and allows pets. If you’re looking for luxury rooms in Rome, The Brick Rome is the right place.

The Parco Giovanni Paolo I, and the French Garden are the nearest attractions. If you are looking for food then Un Punto Macrobiotico or Pizza Flash are the closest restaurants. Pizzerias can be found in almost every corner of Rome. It is a major tourist attraction and is brimming with cafes and restaurants.

7. Orsa Maggiore Hostel For Women Only

Orsa Maggiore hostel for women was chosen because of its excellent reviews. This hostel is currently closed but it doesn’t mean that it will be closing forever. It has a rating 8.5 and customers love its location. Orsa Maggiore can be found on a charming street in Trastevere and would suit solo female travelers.

The facilities include daily housekeeping, food and drinks, a garden, and a snack bar, restaurant, or bar for drinks. There are many room types, including a female dormitory with 3 beds and a female dormitory with 10 beds. Based on the feedback of friends who stayed there, pricesin a female shared bedroom were also about EUR20-25/night.

The nearest attractions are the Villa Farnesina, and the Hortus Simplicium. The nearest restaurants include Miraggio Club and Osteria con Cucina. If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee, Caffee Settimiano might be the right place for you. transport is closest to the Roma San Pietro Train Station, but the Ottaviano Metro Station is further away. It is an excellent hostel for rooms at a cheap price in Rome. The location of the hostel is very convenient. You can walk 10 minutes to Piazza Navona. We are hopeful that it will open soon.

8. Palladini Hostel Rome

The last three hostels in Rome Italy are now closed. Palladini hostel is a hostel near Termini station Rome. It has a funky, cute vibe. It has a rating of 8.0 and is only one mile away the city centre.

You can enjoy movie nights, walking tours and a bar at the hostel. The hostel even offers tickets to attractions and shows. It’s always a good idea to talk to locals if you don’t know what you want to see. The price for a mixed dormitory is around EUR20 per night. Some dormitories also have their own bathroom.

There is the National Roman Museum, the Roman Forum and Trevi Fountain all nearby. For a cup of coffee, Ristorante La Mensa di Bacco is a lovely place to eat in Italy. If you don’t want to spend too much on eating out, there are plenty of supermarkets nearby. We also mentioned that it is close to Rome Termini station, so both rail and metro stations are within easy reach.

9. Hostel Trastevere 2

I must say that Hostel Trastevere2 is a beautiful place. The bathrooms are black with pops of color, and the rooms are brightly lit and stylish. It is an affordable and good choice, with a rating 8.0 . The center is 1.6 away. Facilitiesfeature a large terrace, garden, food and drinks. For safety and daily housekeeping, you will have your own lockers. You can also play board games if you don’t feel like going out.

The price for one night in a 6-bed male dormitory is more than EUR40. It is twice the cost of what you would get in the other hostels, but it is worth it. It is unique in its decoration and you will have a wonderful time. You can find the main attractions within 2 miles.

There is a McDonald’s across the street. However, we recommend that you try authentic Italian cuisine. C’e Pasta… e Pasta, and La Tavernaccia can be found close to the hostel. Or you could drive a bit further to find supermarkets. Dolce Bar is a wonderful option for morning coffee. For transportation the Roma Trastevere train station is close by and Piramide Metro station a little further.

10. Alessandro Palace & Bar

The Alessandro Palace & Bar hostel, which has a rating HTML7 of 7.7 , is also 1.3 miles from the center. The hostel has a large terrace and garden, as well as its own bar. The hostel is located on a quiet street and has brightly colored rooms. It is still an excellent option for those visiting Rome, even though it was not rated higher by customers due to its cleanliness.

Facilities include food and drink, as well as concierge service, lockers, and restaurants. Prices are pretty similar to the rest of the top hostels in Rome Italy. It costs just over EUR20 per night for a 8-bed dormitory. It would cost nearly 90 per night to get a private room with a bathroom. This is quite a difference.

What is near? The National Roman Museum, Porta Pia, and Piazza Della Repubblica are all within easy reach. The main attractions are located 1.2 miles away. Italian restaurants like Mamma Angela and Rossi are great for delicious Italian dishes. For a quick cup of coffee, the Yellow Bar is a great choice. You can also find the Castro Pretorio station and Rome Termini station within walking distance.

The Best Hostels in Rome Italy – Conclusion

We are pleased with the quality of these hostels in Rome Italy. While most travelers prefer to stay in the historic center of Rome, it is also possible to explore more of Rome by staying further away. We included hostels that are close to Rome’s center but also farther away. Which hostel is your favourite?

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