Ten Best Italian Leather Furniture Brands

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You don’t have to be confused about where to buy high quality furniture. Here are some suggestions. Italian leather is well-known for its durability and quality. Beautiful furniture is made by Italians. These furniture are not only durable, but also timeless pieces that can be used for many years. These are only a few of many great Italian leather furniture brands that are worth your investment.

Ten Best Italian Leather Furniture Brands

Furniture such as Italian Leather Sofa, and Italian Leather Chair from various brands will be discussed. Some brands show photos of different furniture, but most can be customized. Let’s look at the top modern Italian leather sofa brands.

1. Smania

Our article will begin with Smania, a luxury Italian leather furniture brand. Alberto Smania was an iron worker when the brand was established in 1967. His first iron furniture was a low table. The iron has been replaced by wood today and the collection includes the most exquisite Italian leather sofas.

Smania also creates furniture for luxury hotel. You might have slept in one of their beds previously. The Ernest, Giano, Opium and many other sofas are our favorites. Smania has the ideal Italian leather chair for your office, or bar table.

There are many styles and materials available for chairs. Barbaltadue is a lovely chair with fixed padding. This Smania chair is elegant because the padding is secured by buttons. It is minimalist and elegant. Tecla looks great in both the living and dining rooms.

2. Flexform

Flexform creates beautiful white Italian leather sofas, no matter whether they are for indoors or outdoors. This brand has been around since over 50 years. They have a long history of making reliable, durable pieces that can be relied on for many years. The best sofa should be compatible with your Italian lighting brand.

All of our products are made in Italy. Flexform is a top-rated Italian furniture brand that offers armchairs, daybeds and tables as well as coffee tables, coffee tables, beds, and a wide range of outdoor furniture. Let’s take a look at some of their sofas. We love the Adagio, and the Max.

Adagio is a corner sofa that can seat 5-6 people. The L-shaped design makes it easy to chat to others. If you are looking to host friends or family gatherings, this sofa is the ideal choice for your living room. You’ll be able to make your home stand out with the Flexform side tables.

3. Casamilano

Do you want a luxurious Italian leather sofa? Casamilano is your best choice. We love the fact that Italians are family businesses that are passed down through generations. Casamilano is no different. Casamilano is no different. The quality of their furniture factory was always their goal.

Casamilano is known for creating beautiful pieces like the Francesca. You can choose from low tables, chairs and lamps as well as small tables. The Royale bed is our favorite, with its extended headboard, it also comes with armchairs, chairs, and even a couch! The one shown in the picture is called Vis a Vis. Paola Navone designed it.

It is designed so that two people can face each other. This is truly a breakthrough. It can be placed in the center of a room, as a statement piece, with a neutral or completely white interior. You can choose from a variety of leather colors when you order it, even though the photo is a stunning sheer pink color.

4. Selva

Selva is just one of many incredible furniture brands. They were established in 1968 in Verona, and have continued to produce timeless pieces since then. Your reputation as one of the most trusted Italian leather furniture brands over the years shows that customers have confidence in you and that your products are top-quality.

The Villa Borghese Selva Italian leather sofa set will be a great statement piece for your home. You can choose the fabric and color, and you can also pair it up with your Villa Borghese armchair. It is a stunning piece of furniture that looks as if it belongs in a luxurious villa. This dining table set can be used in conjunction with your dinnerwear.

Selva Timeless is a company that is so well-known for creating timeless designs. You can change the style at any time. There are many amazing options for chairs to fit any space. I was drawn to the Armchair Luna. The website shows it with suede material but leather is also an option. This chair looks great in your study.

5. Natuzzi

Natuzzi is the name we must use when we speak of Italian leather chairs. Pasquale Natuzzi founded the brand in Southern Italy in 1959. It is said that the brand’s “smooth lines combine in casual modern design”, and this could not be truer. Take a look at Mama Dining Chair. All the comfort and design you need in one!

Second, the Italian leather sofas Natuzzi are premium furniture. They have a modern design and will last a lifetime. Take Sophy, a beautiful brown leather sofa that you can sit on while watching TV. Sophy is designed to accommodate around four people. Natuzzi claims that the sofa conveys “a feeling of hospitality and comfort”, and we can’t agree more.

Corner sofas are a popular piece of furniture. These sofas fill in empty spaces in your house. Dorian is a dark-blue leather corner sofa. No matter how many times you use it, the premium quality padding will last. You can share Dorian’s comfort with friends and family by enjoying its resistant leather.

6. Maxalto

B&B Italia is a brand you’ve likely heard of before. In 1975, Maxalto, an Italian leather furniture brand, was also founded. They are a specialist in handmade furniture. They use the finest materials. This collection includes sofas and armchairs as well as beds and tables.

We think the Lucrezia Soft sofa is the best, which is an Italian leather sofa. The 2018 Nidus sofa, which is available in two sizes, is also a favorite. The headrest can be removed. The second is that there’s no armrest so you can have friends over and the atmosphere is open for conversation.

Good armchairs are essential for a good sofa. Do you want a premium armchair for your home? Kalos is the right choice for you. This little chair is a joy to use. You can change the color and fabric to suit your taste. It includes a standard armchair as well as a removable headrest. There’s more! Kalos has a small chair for your feet to rest on.

7. Arflex

Arflex is known for its Italian leather living rooms sets. They ship their products all over the world. The brand was established in 1948 in Italy. The sofas they make are exquisite and include Italian leather chairs. The Marenco system is a favorite of ours, and it can be made in different leather colors. These sofas were designed by Mario Morenco. One example is an L-shaped sofa with a small table in the middle.

Cini Boeri’s Strips is another futuristic design. These sofas would look great in modern homes, but they could also be used as office furniture for large companies. This sofa style is known as “evergreen”, and almost looks like a sofa and a bed in one.

You can also see the piece in the photo where you can rest your back on it. It also has two other pieces that allow you to lay down on the furniture or simply sit straight. This furniture is truly amazing. Arflex furniture is a great brand with a lot quality furniture and designers.

8. Marioni

Marioni is a perfect example of how a modern Italian leather sofa should be designed. It is a family-owned business that was founded in Florence in 1966 by Paolo Marioni. It has been passed down through generations, and Marioni is now a respected and beloved brand.

Both sofas are modern and classic. The Joan sofa has a more classic feel while the Gladiolus, a three-seater, looks more traditional. The Grace four-seater or five-seat sofa is another favorite. This sofa will be a hit with you!

The Dracena is a comfortable armchair that can be placed in your living area. You can order it in any material or cover. It has an armrest, and is high enough to support the back. You can place your head on the upper portion, which is available on either side. It is a timeless design that looks great in any color.

9. Cassina

Cassina was founded in 1927, so they have some history. Cesare and Umberto Camillna founded the brand. The brand started with very basic furniture and then began mass-producing products like the Italian leather sofa set.

Cassina is a respected Italian leather furniture brand with an impeccable design. You get modern design and the best quality. For example, the Fauteuil Italian leather chair would be a great bar chair. Innovatively, the Beam sofa system also has a sidetable between the sofas.

Cassina offers the best dining chairs, whether you are looking for one for your living room or study. Exford is not only a comfortable chair, but it’s also well-designed. It has an armrest as well as a pillow. The Dudet design by Patricia Urquiola caught our attention. These chairs would be found in a mansion alongside the rest of the minimalist and modern design.

10. Sofa Italia

Sofa Italia sells many great Italian leather furniture brands. These websites also sell furniture like an Italian leather loveseat. The Osvaldo Bolsani loveseat sofa caught our attention. The sofa is simple and elegant, with a yellow color.

Beautifully designed, the Tito Agnoli sofas. One of the most iconic sofas in movies is the Cognac Leather sofa. Beautiful brown color. The best Italian leather quality lasts for years. The Chester 2 seat Italian leather sofa is a popular choice. The Chester 2 seat Italian leather sofa has a curved armrest, two large cushions and extra comfort. All Chester range sofas were handmade in Italy.

Sofa Italia offers a section of sofa beds that can be made into regular-sized beds. The Genoa Italian leather sofabed comes in 61 colors. The sofa looks great when it is made. However, you can make it into a bed for guests. This is a great option.

Italian leather furniture – Conclusion

This concludes our top-rated Italian leather living room sets and other furniture. We hope that you found the right sofa for you on this list. There is a sofa for every home. You can choose from modern, elegant or contemporary styles. It is an amazing leather, but when it is used in furniture, it takes it to another level.

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