Ten Best Nightlife Spots in Rome

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Rome is beautiful to visit during the day. But it’s even more wonderful to end those lovely days with perfect nights. You may be wondering what the nightlife in Rome is like, especially if this is your first visit to the Eternal City. If I had to say anything about Rome’s nightlife, it would be that I had the most amazing nights in Rome.

You can make your Roman vacation memorable by planning some nights out. This will allow you to have fun and experience the local vibes while most tourists are sleeping. The sun sets, and the city’s landmarks are replaced by the local bars, restaurants, bars, and clubs. You must learn which “landmarks”, or “landmarks,” are the best places to go in Rome at night. Let’s now look at our top tips for Rome’s best nightlife!

These are the 10 best spots for nightlife in Rome, Italy

Roma at night is a great place to go if you’ve been walking around Rome all day and are looking for some fun. We all want to be sure we’re going to the best places to have a good time in Rome.


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Here you will find rooftop terraces, jazz bars, clubs in Rome and other neighborhoods that are well-known for their nightlife. You can find something to suit your taste with this variety of hotspots. Let’s get into the nightlife in Rome.

1. Jazz Cafe Roma

There are some places in Rome that you can’t beat when it comes to nightlife. Jazz Cafe, Rome was one of my most memorable nights. You’re searching for Italian cuisine that the locals actually eat, or Jazz music.

Jazz Cafe Roma offers live music in the evenings. Jazz Cafe is just outside Piazza Navona in the heart of the city. It’s in an ideal location for everyone. It is an exquisite location, so the quality of the services and amenities are also adjusted accordingly.

You can find different music events and art exhibitions at Jazz Cafe. There is even a Jazz Cafe Radio. If you are looking for a trendy place with great music and vibes, be sure to check the events calendar and book a table at Jazz Cafe Rome as soon as you can! You should also follow Jazz Cafe’s Instagram. Don’t forget to attend the Cooking Classes at this incredible restaurant!

Jazz Cafe Roma Address: Via Giuseppe Zanardelli, 12, 00186 Roma

2. Terrazza Borromini

Terrazza Borromini is one of the most stunning rooftop terraces in Rome. There are many rooftop bars in Rome that you can choose from, with stunning views. Terrazza Borromini is our favorite.

You can enjoy the best panorama from Piazza Navona. The domes over the Roman houses, St Peter Basilica’s dome, and the Piazza Navona are all visible. The food and cocktails are amazing!

Terrazza Borromini address: Via di Santa Maria dell’Anima, 30, 00186 Roma

3. Trastevere

If you are looking for locals and the best of Rome’s nightlife, then you should definitely visit the Trastevere area. Trastevere has a lot to offer great restaurants and a vibrant nightlife that is a highlight of any trip to Rome.

Our experience has shown us that a drink at one of the many bars in the Old Roman District is a great way to make your time in Rome memorable. There are many bars that offer the best drinks and cater to different tastes.

Our tip? Our tip? Trastevere also has something more exclusive. Take a stroll, and stop at any place you like. There will be many!

4. Via del Governo Vecchio & Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona, Rome’s most beautiful piazza, is a favorite spot to visit in the evening. While many people simply sit on the benches, others go to Piazza Navona to enjoy an aperitivo and a view of the bustling square. Piazza Navona is a popular spot for dinner. Even though it’s quite touristic, the views and vibes of eating on this lovely square make it worth it.

Piazza Navona dining is a unique experience that will make your Rome trip unforgettable. Tucci is a great place to eat if you are looking for a good Italian restaurant. You should also visit Via del Governo Vecchio if you are looking for other places around the area.

This charming street is one of the most beautiful and vibrant in the historic centre. It’s also home to many bars and restaurants. Via del Governo Vecchio is a great place to eat dinner. You can also visit the Osteria Pasquino and Bistrot and Wine Bar Pasquino for after-dinner drinks. They are open late!

5. Qube

Qube is the most well-known club in Rome. It has four rooms that broadcast different music. What’s not to love for a party lover?

The club is open all week, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. It offers many events and themes. The “Muccassassina”, gay-friendly parties, dates back decades. Black music events, the Qube are hype, fashionable, or anything the open mind can only love.

Address: Via di Portonaccio, 212, Rome

6. Cielo Terrace

Rome nightlife doesn’t have to be all about late nights. It can encompass everything from the early morning to the early hours. Another rooftop terrace offering a spectacular view is a must-see.

Cielo Terrace is part of the Roccoforte Hotel in Rome. We actually listed it in our article about 15 Best Luxury Hotels in Rome. It is located close to Piazza di Spagna, and Via Veneto. Cielo Terrace is a great place to have an Aperitivo. Later on, DJ sets can be arranged on certain dates.

For more information about specific events, visit their website. Cielo Terrace offers a place where you can have a great drink while enjoying the stunning Roman skyline.

Via Sistina, 69, 00187 Rome Italy

7. Gregory’s Jazz Club

The Gregory’s Jazz Club is open seven days a semaine from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. It is loved by tourists and locals alike. Their exceptional music and live performances will transport you to New Orleans’ underground jazz scene.

Gregory’s has a wide selection of beverages that will delight the stomach and throat. After a long walk around the city, you can relax and enjoy a drink.

Address: Via Gregoriana, 54A, 00187 Roma, Italia

8. Campo de Fiori

Rome’s nightlife wouldn’t be complete without Trastevere neighborhood. It would also not be complete if there wasn’t a drink after dinner at Campo de’Fiori. The square is home to a street market during the day, and restaurants and bars at night.

Tourists and locals alike enjoy having a drink at Campo de Fiori, after a meal. Then they head out to explore the Roman nightlife. There are many outdoor tables and music on the square. It is full of great vibes. Romance on a different level is possible at this place.

You can also visit Piazza Navona or other central areas.

9. Voodoo Bar

The Voodoo Bar is a must-see in the best of Rome’s nightlife. Here you can dance the night away while enjoying delicious craft beers or cocktails.

The Voodoo Bar has over 62.000 Facebook likes. It is open to students and tourists alike and offers free live music and DJ sounds. It is a must-visit!

Address: Via delle Terme di Traiano, 4A, Rome

10. Testaccio

Monti Testaccio will make your night memorable. The Testaccio quartiere clubs are known for making your heart beat faster. The Akab Club is our favorite among the many bars and clubs.

It offers more beverages than you could imagine, and different music genres depending on the day. There are different entrance fees depending on the event. Some events will require you to pay, while others are completely free. This makes Akab one the most popular clubs in Rome, for students.

Address: Via di Monte Testaccio, 69, Rome, Italy

Here are the top 10 places to have a good time in Rome, Italy.

You won’t be able to leave Rome after you have discovered the best nightlife spots in Rome.

Students, tourists, and locals mix night after night in a mixture of foreign languages to create memorable moments. You will be a different person after tasting delicious Italian beverages and experiencing the dolce Vita with smooth vibes at the top jazz clubs in Rome.

You should not only check out the top nightlife spots in Rome but also our lists of the most popular restaurants in Rome. Also, make sure to read our articles on the best hotels and luxury hotels, hostels as well as our articles about bars, rooftop bars, gelatos and cooking classes. It’s our goal to provide all the information you need about Rome. So make sure to search Italy Best!

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