Ten International Airports in Italy

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You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for Italy airports. We will share 10 Italian destinations that are near the largest international airports in Italy with you. These include the major airports, like Milano Malpensa and Venice Italy, as well as smaller ones that have international flights to Europe. This list will hopefully make your Italian vacation planning easier!

10 Italian Airports and Cities

What are the closest Italian airports to the top Italian destinations? This list includes international airports in Italy that can be used for sightseeing, honeymoon destinations or even islands. You will find everything you need, from Florence Italy airport to Venice Italy Airport, Bari, Sardinia and Sicily.

You can also visit the related articles that we have linked to each destination to get some tips on planning your trip. You will find information on all the major topics such as accommodations, restaurants, things you can do and many other useful topics to help you make the most of your time in Italy. Let’s now see the Italian airports.

1. Milan Malpensa Linate and Bergamo

Our list of Italian airports will start in the north. Then we’ll move down south and take one at a time all the major ones. The international Italian airports in Milan are first on our list. You can find them all within a short distance of the city center. You should make sure to check out the top things to do in the city: the most affordable and luxurious accommodation, restaurants and bars, as well as the gyms and events.

Milan Malpensa Airport – MXP

Malpensa, the largest airport in Milan, is located northwest of the city. Pre-pandemic data shows that the airport hosts 28 million passengers annually. There are many ways to get to Malpensa. You can fly to Milan Malpensa from many countries, especially if your destination is far.

Milan Linate Airport – LIN

Milan Linate airport, which handles over 9 million passengers annually, is now the second-most important international airport in Milan. This airport is located on the east side of the city, closer to the city centre than Malpensa or Bergamo. You can take a private transfer or airport shuttle to Malpensa or Bergamo.

Bergamo Airport – BGY

Bergamo Airport, the 3rd most important airport in the Lombardy Region is located north of Milan on the outskirts of Bergamo. You can reach Milan’s center in under an hour with shuttle buses. The airport can handle most European, particularly central and eastern European, flights as well as domestic flights.

2. Venice San Marco and Treviso

You should consider visiting Venice’s Veneto area, Verona or the Lake Garda. The Treviso or San Marco Venice Italy airport are good options. Check out our things you can do in Venice. Also, check out our hotels and day trips ideas. You shouldn’t miss the city of lagoon.

Venice Airport – VCE

San Marco airport is the largest, with many international flights and more than 8 million passengers annually. It takes only 30 minutes to get from San Marco airport to Venice. If you are coming from outside Europe or the West, this is where you would arrive.

Treviso Airport – TSF

Venice Treviso Airport, the smaller brother, is located approximately an hour from Venice. There are shuttle buses that will take you there. Treviso Airport’s official name, Sant’Angelo Airport, handles approximately 3 million passengers annually. Although it does have international flights, the airport focuses on European (central- and eastern) flights.

3. Bologna

Bologna is one of my favourite airports in central and northern Italy. Bologna is the best airport to fly to if you want to visit Bologna and other beautiful cities in Emilia Romagna. You might have to fly from abroad to Florence, Milan or Venice and then take the train to Bologna. You should also check our articles on things you can do in Bologna and day trips to Bologna.

Bologna Airport – BLQ

Bologna is an international airport in Italy that offers flights to most European cities, but no direct flights. The airport still handles over 9.5 million passengers annually. Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport can be found just a few minutes away from Bologna’s central train station. With the new express airport trains, you can reach the station in less than 10 minutes. Bologna’s central station no longer has shuttle buses, so don’t bother trying to find them like I did a few years ago!

4. Florence

You might fly to Florence if you are planning on visiting Florence, the beautiful Renaissance city. The Florence Italy airport is one of the most important international airports in Italy. Check out these top things to do in Florence and the best places to visit in Tuscany. Also, check out where to stay in Florence, Tuscany, and other major cities in the region such as Siena.

Florence Aiport – FLR

Officially, Florence airport is called Amerigo Vespucci Airport. It is about 20 minutes away from the city centre, and can be reached by shuttle bus. Although it isn’t huge, the airport can handle more than 3 million passengers annually. It also has plenty of international flights. If you are coming from abroad, you may have to choose Rome if there is no direct flight to Florence.

5. Olbia, Alghero, Cagliari – Sardinia

Sardinia is a dreamy destination for a romantic getaway on the coast or island. It is the most peaceful and beautiful island in Italy. We love it! But we can guarantee that you will not find so many beautiful beaches anywhere else in Italy.

You have three choices if you want to go to Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia or the most beautiful part of the island. But before we get to that, be sure to check out the top things you can do in Sardinia. The best places to stay, best luxury hotel. The most beautiful beaches of Sardinia. And what to see on the island’s north coast.

Olbia Airport – OLB

Although Olbia Airport is most active in the summer, it still serves over 3 million passengers annually. Because it is located on the Emerald coast, which we love so much, Costa Smeralda Airport is the official name for this airport. This airport is ideal if you are heading to Porto Cervo and Olbia, where you can explore the stunning beaches and crystal clear waters of the coast. You can get to the city centre by bus or taxi in 20 minutes. However, car rentals are highly recommended for this area.

Alghero Airport, Cagliari Airport

Alghero Airport can be found on the opposite side of the island’s northern portion, just behind Olbia. Although this area has beautiful beaches, it is not as popular as the Emerald Coast. Officially, the airport’s name is Riviera del Corallo Airport. It can handle more than 1 million passengers annually and is located approximately 25 minutes away from the city centre by bus.

Cagliari Airport, also known as Elmas Airport and Mario Mameli Airport handles 4 million passengers annually. This airport is in the south of the island. If you want to visit the capital of Sardinia and other areas, you will need to fly here. It is approximately 10 minutes away by train from the city centre. Cagliari is home to the largest international airport in Italy.

6. Rome Ciampino e Fiumicino

Rome is the country’s most visited. Each year, more than 50 million people fly into and out of Rome. If you are planning to visit Rome, there are two airports that you can fly to. Rome Fiumicino Airport, one of the largest airports in Italy is available. Rome Ciampino, the other, is also available. You should also check out our articles about things you can do and places to stay . These include luxury hotels and hostels. You can also find restaurants and nightlife .

Rome Airport Fiumicino – FCO

Rome Fiumicino Airport can be reached by bus or train in about an hour from the city centre. Fiumicino is home to more than 43 million passengers annually and serves as the hub for Italy’s largest airline, Alitalia (now Ita Airways). This airport is located near Fiumicino’s coast. If you are coming from major European cities, or even overseas, this would be the airport to fly to.

Rome Ciampino Airport – IATA code CIA

Rome Ciampino Airport is the other major airport. It welcomes both short-term, budget airlines and flights from more distant destinations like central and eastern Europe. Ciampino has a passenger count of over 6 million each year. This is significantly less than Fiumicino’s large number. The airport has shuttle buses that can take you to Termini train station within an hour.

7. Naples

The Naples Italy international airport is another important one. The city and area, particularly the Amalfi Coast, welcome millions of tourists each year. Many fly into Naples directly. You can also fly to Rome and then take the bus, train or rental car to reach this area.

You should find out if it is possible to fly directly from Naples to Sorrento , Positano or other islands. Check out our articles on hotels in Naples and restaurants. Also, see our articles about day trips to Naples. You can also find beaches, castles and other activities in Campania.

Naples Airport – NAP

Naples Airport is home to more than 10 million passengers annually. It’s also the biggest airport in Southern Italy. You can get to Naples’ center in 30 minutes by taking a short drive from the airport. It is easy to get from Naples to the Campania region’s best summer destinations!

8. Bari

Bari, in the Puglia region of Italy, is another airport. Bari is a great option if you are looking for affordable accommodation with beautiful beaches on the coast of Puglia. The Karol Wojtyla Airport in Bari (Palese Airport), is an international Italian airport. However, it is smaller than the airports in other regional capitals. Check out our list of places to stay in Bari.

Bari Airport – BRI

We mentioned that Karol Wojtyla Airport can also be called Palese Airport. This is the best airport to fly to explore the southern regions of the Italian Peninsula. Each year, the airport serves more than 5 million passengers. The train takes approximately 18 minutes to reach the city center, while a shuttle bus takes around 25 minutes. If you wish to visit the charming town of Alberobello or Polignano a Mare or Monopoli, this is the place to fly.

9. Palermo

Palermo airport is a top choice for anyone who wants to visit Sicily. If you are planning on visiting this part of the island or if you plan to travel by road, Palermo is the best option. Catania is another option for reaching cities such as Syracuse or Taormina. We recommend Palermo if you are visiting Sicily .

Palermo Airport – PMO

Palermo Airport serves approximately 7 million passengers annually. It’s also known as Falcone-Borsellino Airport. It is located in Cinisi, a small town. It is located approximately 30km from Palermo’s city center. The airport can be reached by a shuttle that takes about 45 minutes. You should visit Palermo to see the best of hotels and beaches.

10. Catania

One of the most important Italiana airports is also on our list. Catania airport is the best option if you are planning to travel to this side, to see some of the most stunning beaches in Sicily and to visit magical towns such as Taormina and volcanos such as the Etna.

Catania Airport – CTA

Catania Airport serves more than 10 million passengers annually. It is located in Fontanarossa, south of Catania. The airport shuttle takes about 25 minutes to get you to the city’s center. This is the ideal location if you don’t plan on settling down in the city but still want to visit other cities in Sicily such as Messina or Agrigento. Palermo is quite far from this area of the island.

Airports in 10 cities and Italy

Now that you have read about all the important Italian international airports, including the Florence Italy and Naples airports, we hope you are ready to book your accommodation and travel to Italy.

We’ve already mentioned that you should also check out our related articles. These include Italian summer destinations, honeymoon destinations and day trips to Rome, Naples or Milan. Also, there are some great coastal towns and secret beaches. But, it’s not all about the Italian islands. If you prefer something sweeter than salty, our list of Italian lakes is for you!

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