10 Best Italian Sportswear Brands

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Are you looking for Italian activewear brands or Italian sportswear brands? Are you looking for sportswear brands that are specifically made for your favorite sport? You’re in the right place. This list is sure to have your favorite Italian brand of sportswear. Although most of these Italian sportswear brands are well-known, some may be unfamiliar to you.

10 Best Italian Sportswear Brands

We love that this list of Italian sportswear brands includes the top brands for casual wear. We have also included a brand that makes cycling clothing and others that make sportswear for different sports.

You might be interested in our list of Italian activewear brands if you’re thinking about getting into basketball, football, jogging or going to the gym. Take a look at this list of Italian sportswear brands to help you find the right fit.

1. Fila

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Fila, the well-known Italian sportswear brand, is often misunderstood as Korean. Fila is made in Korea but was founded in 1911 by Ettore Fila and Giansevero Fila, Piedmont, Italy. Fila is a trusted brand that produces high-quality, affordable sportswear.

Fila was our first choice for Italian sportswear brands. We love Fila’s sneakers. What style is their clothing? You can wear some of these items on the streets, though it is definitely sporty. Fila also has a section dedicated to tennis outfits. One category for women is Activewear. The clothes are very well-designed and will motivate you to exercise.

2. Kappa

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Kappa is a well-known Italian brand for sportswear. Marco Boglione, the 1978 founder of Kappa, was responsible for Kappa’s birth in Turin. Kappa offers sponsorships for many sports. These include Formula 1, boxing, ice hockey and golf.

Kappa is a trendy brand, as you can see from their clothing. Their sportswear is well-designed and comfortable. The latest collections include Winter 21 and Spring 22 for men and women. The men’s section has a Robe di Kappa category that sells blazers as well as trousers.

3. EA7

You are probably familiar with Armani and the fashion house. Then you will have heard about EA7, Armani’s Italian sportswear brand. The brand was established in 2004. Its goal was to provide high-performance sports clothing. The number 7 represents Milan’s soccer player Andriy Schivchenko.

EA7 is a very similar brand to Armani. Although the sportswear is simple, Armani and EA7 logos are visible on the clothing. You’ll find everything you need, from T-shirts to tracksuits and dresses, as well as swimwear on the website. Sportswear dresses? Armani created a Tennis Pro dress called Ventus7. It looks incredible! Let’s see which Italian sportswear brands are on this list. EA7 is also the official dresser for the Italian team in the 2022 Olympics.

4. Diadora

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We’ve already talked about Diadora. It is one of the most prominent Italian sportswear brands on Italy Best. Marco Danielli, Caerano di San Marco founded Diadora in 1974. Geox is the owner of Diadora. Diadora specializes in footwear and sportswear. Their sneakers are high quality, we can guarantee that. The brand also sells American football balls.

Diadora offers clothing for both men and women. The sections can be broken down into Running, Tennis and Fitness, as well as Football. The gym clothes are of superior quality, and the prices are slightly higher than regular Nike or Adidas brands. For more information, visit the website!

5. Pantofola d’Oro

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The next Italian sportswear brand was founded in 1886 with football boots and clothing. Pantofola d’Oro, which was established by the Lazzarini and Emidio Lazzarini families during the 1950’s, took over the business. He started making his own wrestling boots while he was still a wrestler.

Pantofola d’Oro does not just make football shoes. There are also regular sports shoes for men and women. Pantofola D’Oro logo is written in large yellow font on the clothing. Although hoodies and shirts are available for purchase, they are primarily made for men.

6. De Marchi

We wanted to introduce one of the Italian sportswear brands, as we love cycling in Italy. Emilio De Marchi, a local sportsman who made apparel for the community of athletes, founded De Marchi in 1946. Fiorenzo Magni was the first to win a race wearing De Marchi.

You can find clothing for men and women on their website, demarchi.com. The Performance line is great quality, and the prices are very reasonable. The clothes are vibrant, but there are plenty of basic pieces. This is definitely an Italian brand you need to look out for.

7. Errea

We’re coming to the end of our Italian sportwear brands list and we want to talk about some brands that may not be as well-known. Errea, an Italian sportswear brand, was founded in 1988. They are known for making quality clothing for all kinds of sports.

Errea makes clothing for various sports, including football, tennis and volleyball, as well as basketball and archery. The clothes they make are easy to use, but still fit the purpose. For any occasion, clothing is available for men and women as well as children. No matter what sport you are involved in, Errea won’t let you down.

8. EYE Sportwear

EYE Sportwear is similar to the other brand. EYE Sportwear creates clothing for competitions as well as leisure. The styles are elegant and high-performing. EYE Sport is also known for its high quality products.

What kind of sportswear is available? Training, running, football, volleyball and many other activities. The website also has sales information. We also noticed that these Italian brands sell merchandise. You can see clothing with Napoli Basket or SS Turis Calcio on the website.

9. Givova

Givova is the last Italian brand of sportswear we will mention. Givova is located in Scafati. It was founded by Giovanni Acanfora in 2008. They are primarily focused on equipment and uniforms for sports, but also offer other sportswear. Givova also makes accessories and casual wear.

You can visit their official website at givova.it to browse for products. Soon you’ll see a section called “products” where you can find all the sports. These categories include clothing that can perform in rain, free time, swim, soccer, tennis, and so forth. They are also very affordable!

10. Legea

Legea is the last Italian sportswear brand on our list. Legea was also founded on the same principles as the Italian sportswear brand. In 1993, Giovanni, Emilia and Luigi Acanfora founded Legea. They were initially popular with amateur football teams, but they later expanded to professional clubs.

What are you able to find on the website? You will find everything you need, from volleyball, handball, leisure clothing to football and basketball. These Italian outerwear products are also available from Legea.

Italian sportswear brands

These are the top Italian sportswear brands that will help you excel in any sport. These Italian activewear brands are great because they have created clothing that is affordable, so you don’t need to spend thousands to enjoy your favorite sports. Let us know which one you like best!

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