10 Best Italian Sneaker Brands

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A good pair of sneakers is a must-have. It’s easy to dress up and down any outfit in today’s modern world with a pair of great-looking sneakers. If you prefer something sporty, there are options on this list. We present the top 10 Italian sneaker brands. We hope that you find the right pair of Italian sneakers with this list of Italian sneaker brands!

10 Best Italian Sneaker Brands

What can you expect then? Although we have included some luxury brands, they are not necessarily the ones you may be familiar with. You’ll find men’s Italian sneaker brands on the list. However, most of them also sell sneakers for women. These shoes can be worn with jeans or a suit. Let’s take a look at these Italian sneakers!

1. Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli, a luxury brand that makes high-quality Italian sneakers, is our first choice. Brunello Cucinelli, a Corciano-based entrepreneur, founded the company in 1953. They sell both stylish suits and women’s clothing and accessories. The brand’s values, which are ‘humanistic enterprises’, is what is most interesting.

You can find the sneakers on their website as well as in retail stores such Mr Porter. These sneakers are more than just sneakers. They can also be worn with professional clothes and suits. Brunello Cucinelli is a top-rated Italian sneaker brand thanks to its exquisite designs and impeccable craftsmanship. These collections combine modern and elegant styles.

Men’s sneakers include the Knit runners and Calfskin sneakers. This beige Washed suede sneaker comes with a white platform bottom. These sneakers are comfortable and lightweight. There are sizes available in sizes 40-46. The sneakers for women are delicate as well. The sneakers in mesh fabric and matte calfskin are stylish, but still have a classic look. The sizes range from 35 to 41.

2. Diesel

Diesel is an iconic brand that you have likely heard of. However, this article will explain why Diesel is also a popular mens Italian sneaker brand. Diesel was founded in 1998 by Renzo Rosso, who started sewing jeans using his grandmother’s machine. How did he get from that to running a multi-billion-dollar company? He was smart enough to purchase a portion of Moltex, which was then called Moltex.

Diesel is now available in many countries around the globe. They have their own website, diesel.com, and their clothing can be purchased through well-known retailers. There are many styles and colors of Diesel sneakers. Some look sporty while others are more elegant. It is one of the best Italian-made sneaker brands.

The Diesel logo is prominently displayed on the low-top leather sneaker. The entire shoe is black, including the sole and laces. You can choose from 4 colors, so you have many options if black is not your preference. Sizes in the US range from 6 to 13. Diesel prices are extremely affordable, but you get a high-quality product.

3. Fila

Fila may be the name you associate with Italian sneakers. You probably don’t wonder why we are mentioning Fila. Fila was established in 1911 by Ettore Fila and Giansevero Fila. In 1970, they began making underwear before moving to sportswear. Fila is known for its South Korean-made sportswear products. It is still one of the most popular Italian sneaker brands.

Fila sneakers available where? Fila sneakers are available nearly everywhere. Fila is available at almost all retailers, including Deichmann, Footlocker and Walmart in the USA. Fila is known for their sporty style. After all, they design sportswear. They have also been partners with Miansai and Fendi.

Fila’s most famous sneakers are the Disruptor low top sneakers. They are 100% leather with a rubber sole. These shoes are chunky but elegant. Sizes 4-12 are available for women’s shoes. Men’s shoes come in sizes 4-12. They are made from a mix of synthetic and leather materials.

4. Lotto Sport Italia

Lotto Sport Italia, another famous Italian brand of sneakers and sportswear is Lotto Sport Italia. The Caberlotto family founded it in 1939 and the brand has been thriving ever since. They are affordable, and their quality is excellent.

Lotto clothing and shoes can be found in almost every sporting retailer. Lotto.it has their own website. You will need to change the country to shop. Lotto Sport Italia is well-known for sponsoring tennis players.

They are simple and classic in their designs. The Lotto logo can be found on the side of most sneakers. There are many styles of sneakers for men. Some are chunky and others are more casual. Same goes for women with different colors. Lotto is the brand you should choose, whether you are looking for shoes to wear at the gym or everyday.

5. Kappa

Kappa is the next Italian sneaker brand to be mentioned for its high quality footwear and clothing. Marco Boglione founded Kappa in 1978. Their logo, featuring a man and woman standing against one another, is well-known worldwide. It is a symbol of equality and mutual support between the two.

You can find all your desired items on their website, kappastore.com Similar to the famous Italian-made sneaker brand Lotto, you can also find them in any sporting retailer. These shoes and clothes are affordable, and come in a variety of unique styles.

Both women’s and men’s sneakers are sporty with the logo prominently displayed on each side. These sneakers are great for casual wear and sports, but you can’t wear them to work. The Bradyny Black men’s sneakers are stylish enough to be worn on many occasions. These sneakers are light and comfortable.

6. Premiata

Although Premiata is not a well-known brand in the rest of the world, it is known for its high quality sneakers. Premiata is known for creating elegant shoes and paying attention to every detail. They have been around since 1885. All of their shoes are made in Italy and handcrafted. Although their price point is quite affordable, it’s not as accessible as other brands.

Is there a Premiata shoe for sale? Google will allow you to narrow down your search results. These shoes are available from companies like Schuhe Lueke and Benvenuti International. Premiata’s website, premiata.it, has these shoes available for you to order.

What do you think about the style? These sneakers are very distinctive. Just like Kappa and Lotto, the Premiata logo can be found on the side. Each sneaker’s bottom, or more specifically the rubber, has text. The rubber is printed with the Premiata word. Although each style may have a different color, the text is the same for all.

7. Hogan

Tod’s Group would be the only way to know Hogan. What is Tod’s Group then? It is an Italian company that produces luxury leather goods and shoes. Hogan was one of the sub-companies that they founded in 1985. Hogan is a luxury brand that combines urban chic and sports sneakers. Hogan is one of our top-rated Italian sneaker brands.

The best materials are used to create their high-quality, luxurious-feeling sneakers. Hogan is the best choice for mens Italian sneaker brands. You will feel as if you are wearing a luxury brand, but it is also elegant and comfortable. These shoes can be paired with high-quality laptop leather bags to get you to work.

Hogan offers four styles of sneakers for men: Hohan Rebel (Hogan Interaction), Interactive (Hogan Interactive) and H383. For women’s sneakers, Interactive and Hogan Hyperactive are available. These shoes are distinctive because of their logo. The letter H is located on the side of each shoe and goes down to the rubber bottom.

8. Diadora

Next on our list are the best Italian sneaker brands: Diadora, a Veneto-based sportswear and footwear manufacturer. Marcello Danielli founded Diadora in 1948. It is now owned by Geox, another well-known Italian shoe manufacturer. They offer a wide range of products, including t-shirts and hoodies as well as leggings, shorts, and expensive-looking sneakers at an affordable cost.

These sneakers are very similar to luxury brand shoes, but much more affordable. Diadora offers a website where you can shop all the styles. Diadora Heritage is their most famous collection. It combines Italian style and quality with vintage-looking pieces.

Terrena Light is one of the most stylish sneakers. The Terrena Light features a high platform made from Ribber Vibram. This sneaker is unisex. This is the shoe for you if you like to wear your girlfriends’ or boyfriends’ shoes. Diadora makes shoes for men and women separately. There are plenty of options if you don’t want to be in a twinning relationship.

9. Salvatore Ferragamo

Now, we are down to two brands remaining on our Italian sneaker brands checklist. Salvatore Ferragamo is likely a familiar face to you, and with good reason. It was founded in 1927 by Salvatore Ferragamo and is an Italian luxury goods firm. They also have a license for eyewear, watches, and other products. Although the sneakers don’t quite reach luxury prices, they are very close.

Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the most coveted Italian sneaker brands for men. These sneakers speak to us. While some are simple and elegant, others have a lot more detail and are bolder. They also created a Love Collection featuring red-toned products.

Our favourite sneakers? This is the Salvatore Ferragamo logo on a dark leather shoe. The shoe’s sole has a shark tooth design and has a chromatic design. These shoes are also available in Black, Bluemarine and Rhinoceros gray. Only the red and the red have this chromatic design. Salvatore Ferragamo makes the best Italian sneakers!

10. Chiara Ferragni

After we have discussed the top Italian sneaker brands for men’s, let’s talk about the brand that makes women fashionable on the streets. Chiara Ferragni is Chiara’s Creative Director and CEO. It is all pink and inviting.

They also launched shoes, clothing, and accessories. What’s the style? They call themselves a ‘pop shoe brand. Chiara Ferragni opened flagship stores in Hong Kong, Paris, Shanghai and Paris. Let’s get to the shoes.

Chiara Ferragni shoes will make your outfit stand out. They are affordable and come in a variety of styles. There’s something for everyone, no matter what style you prefer: high-top or low-top shoes. The simple black high-top sneakers have the eye-heart logo. The leather is used and the logo is embossed on the sides. These are a must-see!

Italian sneaker brands – Conclusion

Our 10 top Italian sneaker brands article is now complete. This list of the top 10 Italian sneaker brands will help you find great sneakers. Italian quality and style are unbeatable! You should also check out handbags and shoes from other top Italian brands.

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