Ten Best Restaurants in Tivoli, Italy

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Tivoli is most well-known for its exceptional selection of historic architecture. Rocca Pia, Villa d’Este and the view over Roman Campagna are just a few of the many attractions in Tivoli. These attractions are not the only things that this town has to offer. There are many restaurants where you can enjoy high-quality food. We have compiled a list of ten top restaurants in Tivoli, Italy. These include trattorias and fine dining. You will find everything from traditional to unique flavors. The Tivoli Italian Restaurants list is not exhaustive. This allows you to choose the right location, ambience, and menu that suits your tastes.

Ten of the best restaurants in Tivoli, Italy

It is vital to do research on restaurants before you visit a place. Tivoli is a great place to try authentic Italian cuisine. You will find the best pasta and delicious ragus. How do you pick these restaurants? We are here to help. That’s why we researched these Tivoli restaurants so that you don’t have to. Let’s get started!

1. Agriturismo BelPoggio

Agriturismo BelPoggio can be described as a Tivoli village restaurant that is ‘food heaven. The dishes at this restaurant are always changing. Even if you feel full, you will still be satisfied. The problem is that every meal is better than the last one, with huge portions. All pasta dishes are made from homemade pasta. We recommend Cacio Pepe e Bianco ragu, it is delicious!

The freshest ingredients are used in all the dishes. High quality food for an memorable Italian cuisine experience. This restaurant is very affordable in terms of prices. Agriturismo BelPoggio has a stunning view and offers a family-friendly dining experience. We recommend booking ahead if you plan to bring a large group.

2. Osteria La Briciola

Osteria La Briciola, a Tivoli restaurant located in a quiet area of the city, is a cozy and intimate place. You can choose whether you want to enjoy your meal indoors or outdoors in this spot. You can also enjoy your meal outside on the large terrace, surrounded by green hills. A wide range of oils and vinegars makes the freshness and quality of the dishes possible. There are many Slow Food gastronomic delights.

One of the most popular Tivoli village restaurants combines traditional cooking with modern techniques. It is based on great combinations and the respect of the rhythms of the seasons. It is worth trying their three- and five-course meals, as suggested by the restaurant. There are three types of courses: terra, sea and non-meat. This restaurant has a wine cellar that contains over 300 labels of wine from all walks of wine, including organic, biodynamic and vegan.

3. Agriturismo La Cerra

Agriturismo La Cerra is Tivoli’s best restaurant for traditional Italian food. Every meal, from the appetizer to dessert, is freshly prepared and made with high-quality ingredients. You can choose the set menu if you’re not sure which dish to order. It includes antipasti and 2 firsts, 2 second, and, if you have enough, dessert. The House Wine is a great pairing for the dishes.

This Tivoli restaurant’s service is exceptional. The staff are friendly and make you feel at home. This place has a beautiful view over the countryside. There are pony rides available and a playground for kids. Agriturismo la Cerra is the perfect place to take your family on a fun outing, accompanied by Italian cuisine.

4. Avec 55

Avec 55, a Tivoli Italian Restaurant offers traditional Mediterranean cuisine with a contemporary twist. Raoul Repair created the family-owned restaurant. Raoul Repair believes that in order to provide a high-quality experience, the chef must be open to new ideas and adapt to existing ingredients without losing the strong territorial connection. The Chef must keep the best of the old while adding new elements to the menu.

Avec55, one of the Tivoli Village restaurants, is a short walk from any place in the town. It offers a wide range of delicious options for anyone who is Vegan, Vegetarian or Gluten-intolerant. The gluten-free bread is delicious. The staff is friendly and will help you navigate the menu. They also offer complimentary beetroot gazpacho. They have a large selection of wines from local wineries, so make sure to taste the wine selection. Avec55, a Tivoli Italian restaurant that offers traditional food and breath of fresh air, is one of the top restaurants.

5. Sibilla

Sibilla is one of the most popular restaurants in Tivoli, Italy. It’s located in the stunning setting of Acropoli Tiburtina. This is the perfect location for those who want history and Michelin stars. Since 1720, the Tivoli restaurant has welcomed customers. Pope Leon XII also dined there. Sibilla’s main attraction is its garden. It is a wonderful place to relax under the pergola with a stunning view. If you’re lucky, you may be able to have a table at base of Tempe Minerva’s 2,000-year-old Tempe Mineralva.

The design indoors is simple and classic. During colder periods, you can heat up by the fireplace. It is a wonderful mix of traditional and modern cuisines. Grilled meat is one of the mainstays. You don’t have to eat grilled meat if you are not a fan. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available. La Sibilla, although expensive, is a great Tivoli restaurant. However, its uniqueness and quality make it worth the price.

6. Trattoria da Gabriella

Trattoria Da Gabriella is one Tivoli village restaurant that focuses on traditional Italian cuisine. Simple recipes made from fresh ingredients give the dish the appearance of being straight from an old Italian kitchen. This 15 euro fixed-price menu offers a great way to enjoy authentic, traditional dishes.

You will feel like you’re part of a large family at this Tivoli restaurant. Trattoria Da Gabriella’s friendly staff will ensure that you have a great time at their beautiful restaurant. The generous portions and the House-wine will make it feel like you’re dining with a large Italian family. Did we mention that their Cacio e Pepe are delicious?

7. Viva l’Oste

Viva l’Oste, often called the ‘gem’, is one of Tivoli’s best restaurants. It is worth a visit, even though it is located in a remote area. This Tivoli restaurant pays attention to every detail, from the attention they give to each guest to setting the table and how the food is presented. Organic ingredients are used, sourced daily from their farm territory. Quality and quantity at a reasonable cost.

Tivoli Italian Restaurants has this restaurant, where the desserts are homemade. Their pear cake and biscotti are amazing with your cup of coffee. If you have the time, it’s worth a try. Second, try their Home-wine. It’s delicious. Viva l’Oste has antique tables and chairs, as well as hand-made chandeliers that hang from the ceiling. If you are looking for a unique restaurant, this is the place to go.

8. Trattoria Pizzeria Buca Di Sant’Antonio

Trattoria Pizzeria Buca Di Sant’Antonio, one of the most popular restaurants in Tivoli Italy is a great choice. You feel like you’re dining in a home-cooked meal at this typical Italian restaurant. It is a relaxed atmosphere, and the staff make you feel at home. The fettuccini is a must-have!

The perfect place for casual dinner is Tivoli Italian Restaurant. We recommend pairing your vegetarian meal with either their House-wine, or fine sherry. They also offer deliciously prepared monkfish and Tagliatelle. You can choose to sit indoors or outside at Trattoria Pizzeria Buca Di Sant’Antonia. You will have an unforgettable experience in authentic Italy.

9. Da Sandrina

Da Sandrina is a Tivoli village restaurant, located near the Chiesa di Sant’Andrea. It is easy to locate the pizzeria because of this. It is a great place to eat, thanks to the friendly staff that ensures everyone is satisfied. The large serving sizes and fair price reflect the high quality of their food. Average price per person: 18 euros

You must try the salmon, cannelloni and spaghetti carbonara if you visit this restaurant. They are all cooked to perfection. The Tivoli Italian Restaurant offers a wide selection of desserts. Their tiramisu is a favorite. This Tivoli restaurant is open from 12.45 to 14.30 and 19.00 to 23.00. To avoid disappointment, plan ahead and book a table.

10. 5 Statue

5 Statue, located near Parco Villa Gregoriana, is one of the most popular restaurants in Tivoli. All of their pastries and desserts are made fresh. There are delicious tiramisu and gelato available. In terms of prepared dishes, the chef believes that it is best to bring an authentic Italian experience to the table by revisiting old recipes and combining them with modern tastes. The perfect balance between traditional and authentic, with a bold, modern twist.

Tivoli village restaurants use fresh ingredients such as fish. Their salmon is a favorite choice because of this. If you visit 5 Statue restaurant, your must-try spaghetti and ravioli. The number of courses you choose will affect the price. It can vary from 20 to 50 Euros. The atmosphere at 5 Statue is tranquil and offers professional service. Reserve a table in advance to ensure a reservation

The 10 Best Restaurants in Tivoli, Italy

Our list concludes with some suggestions for places to eat if you’re visiting Tivoli. We have the perfect place for you, whether you are looking for a quiet spot or somewhere closer to the bustling streets of Tivoli. The restaurants are known for their quick service and large serving sizes. While some restaurants are more traditional and authentic than others, others offer modern and innovative dishes.

Tivoli is known for its homemade pasta and desserts. The chilled wine cellar also produces wine. You will find many places to dine here. You will find pizzerias and trattorias as well as Osteria and Michelin-starred restaurants. Delicious, fresh and organic dishes. You can choose from a set menu or you can freely choose. There are many options for Italian cuisine in Tivoli. Are you unsure which one should be your favorite?

You can try some recipes in Sicily or take a look at our top olive oils and chocolate manufacturers articles. You can find more suggestions for things to do in Tivoli by visiting our top day trips from Rome and hidden hiking spots around Rome.

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