10 Best Neopolitan Pastries

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Neapolitan pastries can be considered one of the most delicious things in life. We’re going to show you how authentic Southern Italian desserts can be. No diet or no diet, you can only enjoy your daily life by celebrating the little victories. How do you do this? Treat yourself. Italian dessert is the best way to treat yourself. There are many dessert options available in the entire territory of Italy. Every region has its specialties. To be honest, the Neapolitan pastries are some of the best and most mouthwatering.

10 Best Neapolitan Pastries

Sometimes we get too focused on the variety of cornetti that are available at Italian coffee shops. We sometimes forget to appreciate the variety of Italian desserts. You are about to be greeted by the best Neapolitan pastries in waves of acquolina. These pastries are for the greedy and good-natured.

1. Zeppole di San Giuseppe

Without a doubt, the Zeppola di San Giuseppe has to be one of the most delicious Neapolitan pastries. The best way to start the day is with a cup of coffee and a Zeppole, Neapolitan pastries that are rich in cream and chewiness.

They are deep-fried and creamed with three cherries all’amarena. These donuts are traditionally enjoyed on Father’s Day, March 19.

2. Neapolitan Pastries: Sfogliatella

Sfogliatella, one of the most well-known Neapolitan pastries, was created in the 17th century. This Italian dessert comes from Santa Rosa Monastery between Amalfi & Positano. This small dessert, which is shaped like a clam, is slightly caramelized and crispy.

Its filling of semolina and ricotta as well as eggs, milk, sugar, and milk is what makes it stand out. You can try all of them – even if they aren’t your favorites, you will be begging for more sfogliatelle. The Scartuchio bake is a landmark in Naples for sfogliatelle.

3. Graffa napoletana

Graffa Napoletana, one of the most authentic Southern Italian desserts, is a must-try. The graffe looks like donuts. We believe that the best Italian desserts have a sugar topping and are renowned for their chewiness.

They might have been named after the Austrian Krapfen, which is how the graffe got their name. The graffe are not filled with cream or marmalade, but instead they are fried and topped with sugar. Yummy!

4. Neapolitan Pastries: Pastiera

Pastiera is one of the most famous Neapolitan pastries. This is a traditional holiday dessert that most families make around Easter. It is still available in Naples’ bakeries all year.

Pastiera, like the sfogliatella is believed to have been first baked in a convent. This pie is made with eggs, ricotta and orange flower water and is a heartwarming slice from heaven.

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5. Torta Caprese

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Torta caprese is one the most delicious Southern Italian pastries. It has all you want in a cake: crispiness, gooeyness, chewiness and chocolate.

Neapolitan dessert is the only Italian sweet treat that doesn’t contain wheat. Legend has it that this was an error. The torta caprese is the Neapolitan dessert for greedy taste buds.

6. Torta Ricotta e Pera

This Neapolitan pastry is a favorite. It’s fresh and delicious. We are referring to the Neapolitan dessert of ricotta, pear pie.

This is a city specialty that includes whipped cream with ricotta, pears and other ingredients. This rich, satisfying cake is made from hazelnuts.

7. Roccoco

It is the best Italian desserts that retain the tradition of baking. One of the most festive pastries in Italy is the roccoco. They first appeared in Napoli in 1320 in a convent.

They quickly became some of the best Neapolitan pastries. The roccoco is famous for its hard texture, which is filled with almonds, eggs, sugar, and other delicious ingredients.

8. Neapolitan Pastries: Struffoli

Struffoli, a Southern Italian dessert that is reserved for Christmas, are also known as Struffoli. Because they are small balls of dough, people can fry them and then dip into honey.

Families decorate the cakes with sugar ornaments. Struffoli is a comfort food that reminds Neapolitans of their roots.

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9. Spumoni

Spumoni, Italian pastries made with pastry and ice cream, are a mix of pastry and ice cream. Begin with a soft biscuit that has been macerated in liquor. Next, make a cup of hazelnut, chocolate and stracciatella gelato.

This interesting twist on Southern Italian pastries is dated back to the 19th Century. You can still find classic ice creams, but with different flavors. It makes us want more!

10. Neapolitan pastries: Baba

Baba is a famous Italian dessert. It is one the most delicate pastries from Neapolitans, and it almost sticks to your palate.

You can’t go back after you have tried one of these. This is how delicious this Neapolitan dessert tastes!

Wrapping Up 10 Best Neapolitan Pastries

It can be difficult to find authentic Southern Italian desserts, but they are a Napoli family tradition. So you’re ready to go when you step foot in Napoli, we have listed the top Neapolitan pastries. Neapolitan pastries have simple ingredients and are delicious. This is the childhood nostalgia we all crave! While you’re in Naples we are sure that you would love to explore the best Neapolitan food.

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