Calendar of Italian Festivals: Updated 2015

Italy Explained is a project I am working behind the scenes. You may not be able to see the pieces if you only read the newsletter or post it on Facebook. Did you know that I have a list of Italian holidays ?

Italy is home to many national holidays. Every region and town has its own festivals and holidays. There’s a good chance that you will come across some type of Italian event while on your Italy vacation. It’s sometimes a good thing. There’s nothing quite like seeing a town dressed up in festival attire (especially since celebrants wear similar outfits for hundreds of decades). Local celebrations allow visitors to experience a different side Italy. Travelers who don’t know what to expect on holidays can have problems. For example, there may be less train service, no signs in shops or museums, and traffic jams for parades.

It can be a big difference between enjoying the festival atmosphere and feeling frustrated by the fact that it is keeping you away from your schedule. This is where you can take a look at the Italian holiday schedule.

My calendar of Italian festivals and holidays has been updated with 2015 dates. Some festivals that change dates each year aren’t as open about future plans than I would like, especially if their event isn’t in the fall or winter. This will give you an idea of what you should look for when planning your itinerary and help you to find more information later.

Do you want to attend any Italian festivals? Are there any you would be careful to avoid?

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